Saturday, January 24, 2015

Taking a Journey to Bethlehem

Every year since coming to Kelso, we’ve gone to the Journey to Bethlehem. This year, Zack and Tatum and Andy came up and we all went together on Saturday…

journey 01 We usually miss all of the entertainment, but this year we got to see the first group. They did a lovely job!

journey 02

Talia and the Olin girls tagged along, too… :)

journey 03Considering the event was cancelled on Thursday due to high winds and power outages (ours went out!), the weather was pretty good!

power out 01power out 02when it came back on, we watched It’s a Wonderful Life (Tatum hadn’t seen it before!)

I love going every year, but I really miss the great group of guys out at Esau’s Pottage… ;)

journey 04journey 05journey 06journey 07journey 08journey 09journey 10journey 11journey 12journey 13journey 14journey 15journey 16It is good to be reminded of what Christmas is all about!               

Friday, January 23, 2015

Christmas Parade

After our lights are up, the house is decorated, we’ve had our open house, it’s time for the annual Longview Christmas Parade and tree lighting.

Thank goodness it wasn’t freezing cold again this year! But that did mean there was a little more competition for good seats and candy… ;)

We picked up a treat since we parked next to Heavenly Donuts and went and got our spot.

parade 01 parade 02

Here comes Santa Claus!

parade 03parade 04It’s really beginning to feel like Christmas now!

parade 05

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Eanna Joy

On October 16th, Eanna Joy was born to our friends, Josh & Susie. I was so excited because we got to see her in the hospital and Chris got to pray a blessing over her when she was about 8 hours old! Nothing like newborn baby snuggles… :)

eanna joy It took a bit of time but we had a baby shower for Eanna and her mommy…

eanna shower 04It is amazing how much they change in only 5 weeks!

eanna shower 07

eanna shower 06There were presents and food and tiny baby smiles…

eanna shower 05 eanna shower 03   We all wrote notes to Eanna and Susie for her scrapbook

There were so many nice gifts and Lily really enjoyed helping her momma open them all!

eanna shower 10 eanna shower 09

And I got her quilt done in time. I really thought it would be a boy, so I had to make a girl one kind of last minute… ;)

eanna shower 08But I really like the way it turned out!

Welcome to the world, Eanna Joy! I am so glad I get to say we knew you since you were born…

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Tour of Mac (aka McMinnville)

It took a while but we finally got the chance to go down to Monmouth to see Zack and Tatum’s place since they moved in and take a tour of McMinnville, where Zack worked all summer. Their apartment reminded me so much of our first place in Bellingham.

First we had lunch at Yeasty Beasty with Andy and Keegan. Mmmm….

There are nut orchards all over the place between Monmouth and Mac. I just had to stop and buy some!

The weather was beautiful and made looking at the parks on his patrol and strolling around the shops downtown much more enjoyable.

McMinnville is a very nice little town and has some beautiful parks!

mcminnville 01 mcminnville 02mcminnville 03 We really enjoyed wandering through the shops downtown and meeting people and trying things that Zack recommended. He got to know quite a lot while patrolling the streets all summer long, like the best places for tea, chocolates, dinner… The ladies at the oil and vinegar store LOVE Zack and couldn’t stop bragging about him! (One of those super proud parent moments!)

mcminnville 04mcminnville 05We’re hoping Zack will get to do his internship there in the Spring Because there are still some places we’d like to go next time we visit… :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pumpkin Bash 2014

What’s the best part of pumpkins at Halloween?

Carving them???

pumpkin carving 01

pumpkin carving 02 

Nah… It’s shootin’ ‘em! With lots of guns!!!

pumpkin shoot 02pumpkin shoot 01The first Saturday after Halloween is the annual Sore Acres Pumpkin Bash.

We had quite a crowd this year, including some first timers, like Chris, who got to come for the very first time!

pumpkin shoot 03

We basically all bring up our pumpkins and jack o lanterns and blast the crap out of them for fun!

 pumpkin shoot 23 pumpkin bomb pumpkin shoot 04 pumpkin shoot 05 pumpkin shoot 07 pumpkin shoot 08 pumpkin shoot 09 pumpkin shoot 10 pumpkin shoot 11 pumpkin shoot 12 pumpkin shoot 15 pumpkin shoot 16 pumpkin shoot 17 pumpkin shoot 19 pumpkin shoot 20 pumpkin shoot 21 pumpkin shoot 22

  We don’t just shoot guns. We also shoot stuff out of cannons…

pumpkin shoot 06Like bowling balls…

pumpkin shoot 24I always wondered what they looked like on the inside???

And teddy bears…

pumpkin shoot 14Oh, and we eat food, too…

pumpkin shoot 18And when we’re all done, we all help clean up the mess!

pumpkin shoot 13This year we got to combine Pumpkin Bash with our other favorite post-Halloween activity: buying clearance sale candy!

pumpkin shoot 25We also picked up all of these pumpkins for 14 cents! Why couldn’t we have stopped BEFORE going to Sore Acres???

pumpkin shoot 26