Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sea Glass & Swimming

Last time we were in Hawaii, Shawn and Karen were living in Kailua on the Windward side of the island. We could just walk to the most beautiful beach on Oahu. The sun was out, we had no other plans, so we headed east to walk on soft white sand and swim in warm turquoise water.

But first we had to make a stop at Sand Island Beach and look for sea glass. Karen had gone the morning she picked us up at the airport and said we had to go!

She was right! There was a ton of sea glass but with a rather rough surf, it was a trick to get it without getting wet. Eventually I just gave up and put on my swimsuit: my brand new swimsuit I had to buy at Target because I forgot mine at home!!! Ugh! But I LOVE it… ;)

kailua 03  kailua 02

kailua 01

kailua 04

It didn’t take long for my skirt to get wet!

kailua 05  kailua 06 Diamond Head in the distance

kailua 07

kailua 09 kailua 08

my new suit!

kailua 10

still finding more…

All that sea glass hunting makes a person hungry for malasadas from Leonard’s Bakery. Malasadas are a big Portuguese donut without a hole that they started making for Shrove Tuesday in 1952. But they were such a big hit that they have been making them all year long ever since! And as soon as we ate one, we knew why… They are served hot from the fryer and then covered with cinnamon sugar or Li Hing powder. Oh my gosh! They were delectable!!!

kailua 11and they have a super groovy sign!

kailua 12 

kailua 13

kailua 14

another addition to our long list of happy food memories…

When we got to Kailua, we ran into Walgreens to buy sunblock and water and noticed a Goodwill across the street. Since we’d never been to a Hawaiian Goodwill before, we gave it a try. We even picked up a couple of things…

Then it was on to Kailua Beach…

kailua 25

kailua 17kailua 16As soon as we walked out to the beach I remembered why we had to come back!!! And then we jumped right into the water…

kailua 21kailua 22kailua 23kailua 24It also didn’t take long for us to realize that we were getting totally fried out in the sun and the water. In hindsight, we probably should have cared more. But we were enjoying it way too much and it was totally worth the 3 days of pain!

kailua 20kailua 19 kailua 18reading my book about Alaska while lying on a beach in Hawaii

After all that sun, it was time to make the trek to Island Snow for the best Hawaiian shaved ice ever! (another food memory for the list…)

kailua 28The water in the channel was really warm and FULL of fish!

kailua 26kailua 27Then we did more swimming until we were too hungry to do anything else! We stumbled upon a little hole in the wall place in town. The food was  SO GOOD! The wall said that Guy Ferrari had eaten there. I’d say that Guy Ferrari has very good taste!!!

kailua 29kailua 30

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Swap Meets & Cemeteries

Sunday morning meant worship service at the base chapel with the Osbornes. They are the praise team leaders and the worship was fantastic! We had lunch at the church potluck to fuel up for our serious souvenir shopping at the Aloha Bowl Swap Meet! Let’s just say it was a good thing we brought an extra bag to check on the way home… ;)

After the swap meet closed we went to the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific at the Punchbowl Crater in Honolulu.

punchbowl 27

About 53,000 veterans from the last 4 major wars (and their dependants) are buried there. A few are buried in graves marked “unknown”. Millions of people visit there every year. It is a beautiful, yet solemn place. It is sobering to walk past the names of brave men and women who gave their lives for our freedom and the freedom of others around the world, some of which never even lived to be 20 years old…

punchbowl 05

punchbowl 06  There are lines of trees along both sides of the road that are so cool and many of their roots have grown right over some of the gravestones…

punchbowl 01punchbowl 02 punchbowl 03punchbowl 04punchbowl 07

On either side of the staircase is two sets of memorial walls where the names of 28,788 military personnel who are missing in action or were lost or buried at sea in the Pacific during WWII, Korea and Vietnam.

punchbowl 08At the top of the stairs is a statue of Lady Justice standing on the bow of a ship. Below her is the quote from Abraham Lincoln in a letter written to a mother of boys lost in the Civil War.

 punchbowl 09Directly behind the statue is a small chapel.

punchbowl 13 punchbowl 11

punchbowl 12

  On either side of the statue and chapel is a colonnade lined with mosaics made of tiny bits of glass depicting battles in the Pacific during WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Each one is not only very informative but they are incredible detailed works of art that are a fitting tribute to those who fought there…

punchbowl 17 punchbowl 10  punchbowl 20 punchbowl 14 punchbowl 15 punchbowl 18 punchbowl 19 The views from the top of the Punchbowl Crater are breathtaking!

punchbowl 21

Diamond Head in the distance

punchbowl 26 punchbowl 23 punchbowl 24 punchbowl 25

Honolulu from the road coming into the cemetery

punchbowl 34 punchbowl 28 punchbowl 29 punchbowl 30 punchbowl 31 punchbowl 32 punchbowl 33

shots from the cemetery view point

After leaving Punchbowl we went to the Liliha Bakery, famous since 1950 and now known for their scrumptious little Coco Puffs: a cream puff filled with chocolate cream and topped with a dollop of the well-loved Hawaiian chantilly frosting. Mmmmm…..

punchbowl 35