Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Charleston by Carriage

The thing to do when in Charleston is to take a tour of the city in a horse-drawn carriage. There are so many that before you leave they randomly choose you a number of the sector of the city you will tour. This is so that all the carriages won't be in the same place at the same time clogging up the streets.

Everything in Charleston is old. Like pre-Civil War old. Some even pre-Declaration of Independence old.

A lot of the houses have some really awesome iron work!

This one has a really wicked looking fence out front

There are also a lot of churches in Charleston. It's also called The Holy City.

There was a big earthquake in Charleston in 1886 and after that people added earthquake bolts to their houses to keep the walls tight so they wouldn't fall. Some are real and have cables running through. Some are just "stick ups" in order to make their houses worth more.

There were also some cute old shop signs...

This was the building they stored all the gunpowder in. Probably not a good idea. But it's still there, so...

I wish I could remember all the cool stories about all the buildings and houses and streets we saw, but I can't.

So, this post was just be a whole bunch of pictures of the beautiful South Carolina town of Charleston. Hope you enjoyed it!

Oh, I almost forgot the picture of our fantastic horse! (we had a pretty great tour guide, too) ;)

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Mt Pleasant, South Carolina

We left as soon as we could for Mt Pleasant, South Carolina, right outside of Charleston across the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge.

First thing, go to the Visitor's Center and find out where to stay and what to do. Not only did she have some great tourist info but got us a great deal on a suite near Sullivan's Island and the Isle of Palms. She also had a map to show us where to go and see the Atlantic.

It was straight to the hotel to get swimsuits on and hit the beach. Poor signage meant we actually went to the wrong place. Thankfully, the correct place was just across the street. A very nice suite with a full kitchen and bath.

We only enjoyed the room long enough to put on our swimsuits and get back in the car to Sullivan's Island. We parked at the first station we came to on the island: 22 1/2

The stations are in residential neighborhoods down long boardwalks...

I have to admit that I was pretty excited about seeing the Atlantic for the first time!

But what I was really looking forward to is swimming...

It was amazing! Unlike Hawaii where the water looks warm and inviting. The water in the Atlantic looks like it should be cold...

But it was warm!!! Not Hawaii warm (as Chris pointed out) but pretty darn nice. It made swimming in the ocean fun rather than an experience of mild hypothermia...

Then we went out for supper and dessert and a good night's sleep...

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Black Mountain & Montreat College

 When your hubby is busy all day with meetings and such, you can drive into town and do some exploring after worship service.

First stop was to walk around Tomahawk Lake in Black Mountain. Well, I guess it was the second stop. I needed to walk off the caramels I ate while wandering the shops in town... ;)
I had some more time to kill and was hoping to see the Chapel of the Prodigal on the campus of Montreat College, only a few miles out of town.

It was closed... :(

But the rest of the campus was very pretty and I enjoyed poking around a bit...

It was founded in 1916 as a Normal School and then became a co-ed college in 1959.

My favorite part was watching some little kids feeding the fish in the lake. You could tell they'd been fed before... :)

That evening after supper, we went back to Asheville to try a second brewery. And we went back to French Broad Chocolates, too... LOL

Monday, October 10, 2016

Landry Retreat - Black Mountain, NC

This year's Landry Academy Faculty Retreat was at Ridgecrest Retreat Center in Black Mountain, North Carolina. (That's a lot of capital letters in one sentence!)

We flew into Atlanta, Georgia then made the drive east outside of Asheville.

It is so fun to see the other teachers for Landry every year and it is super encouraging for Chris.

We stayed in Pritchell Hall. It was a big, beautiful, totally 1970-80s building...

Ridgecrest is the biggest retreat center I've ever been to. It just seemed to go on forever! I walked for 20 minutes and didn't even see it all!

But they also had a system of trails up in the hills. We decided to do the hike up to Rattlesnake Summit for a 360 view of the area on Saturday before supper...

First we went by the lake...

The trail was REALLY steep!

There were hills all around and a pretty good view of just how big Ridgecrest is.

It took us a bit longer than we thought and we were becoming concerned about missing dinner.

While going up is hard, I HATE going down!

Thankfully, we made it in time to eat because we were pretty hungry!

After supper we went to the Talent Show and then headed in Asheville for beers at Twin Leaf Brewing and chocolate at French Broad Chocolates. Asheville is a hopping, happening place after dark. We met some nice people and enjoyed our beers and chocolate!