Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Traveling to India

This is the first installment of my “thankful” journal from our trip to India. I tried to write down all the things I was thankful for each day. These are the pics of our first leg of almost 25 hours and 11,053 miles of flying and 14 hours of layovers!

I was thankful for…

*It all fit in only 3 suitcases and a carry-on!

days 1 to 3 001days 1 to 3 002

*A ride with the Imholtes to the airport.

*Lunch with my parents before getting on the plane in Portland…

days 1 to 3 004* Didn’t get charged for Rick’s extra heavy bags when he told the ticket agent he was going to India to do free dental clinics.

*  Bonine works!!! (this is the first plane ride I wasn’t sick in the first 15 minutes and the entire trip following)

days 1 to 3 005saying good-bye to Mt Hood and the PNW

* Free wi-fi at airports.

days 1 to 3 006

days 1 to 3 008

    *Singapore Airlines. Voted the best airline in the world!

 days 1 to 3 007

* Our own personal entertainment systems with TONS of first-run movies, music, audio books, games…

days 1 to 3 009

days 1 to 3 011You could also track your flight 

*Sleep on the plane. We needed it! Getting a pillow, blanket, sleeping socks, a hot moist towel, and a toothbrush really helped!

days 1 to 3 086 

*Lots of good food on the airplane! It was so good we didn’t even mind that they served it at such funky hours… :o)

days 1 to 3 010 this was our delicious dinner at 4am (yes, that is Tillamook cheese and shrimp salad)

*Clear skies flying into Hong Kong.

days 1 to 3 012days 1 to 3 013days 1 to 3 015days 1 to 3 016days 1 to 3 017 days 1 to 3 018days 1 to 3 020 days 1 to 3 021 

*Gorgeous airports! Singapore’s Changi airport has been voted the world’s best airport for YEARS! It’s no wonder. They have a hotel, shopping, restaurants, free city tours, movie theaters, spas, napping lounges, gorgeous displays, gardens… It was a destination all by itself!

days 1 to 3 022days 1 to 3 023 the koi pond from upstairs

days 1 to 3 024

free movie theater

days 1 to 3 026 days 1 to 3 025

days 1 to 3 087

the rooftop sunflower garden

days 1 to 3 027 

these things were all over the airport (this one was at the ladies’ toilet)

days 1 to 3 032 days 1 to 3 028 days 1 to 3 029 days 1 to 3 030 days 1 to 3 031

more of the koi pond

days 1 to 3 034 days 1 to 3 033

display about china in SE Asia

days 1 to 3 037 days 1 to 3 035


days 1 to 3 042 days 1 to 3 036 days 1 to 3 040 days 1 to 3 041

fresh flower displays

days 1 to 3 044 days 1 to 3 038 days 1 to 3 039 days 1 to 3 043

days 1 to 3 090 days 1 to 3 089more koi pond

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tea Parties and Shooting Ranges

Mother’s Day weekend this year was full of fun and varied activities.

Saturday was the Ladies’ Tea at church. It was probably the best one ever! The food was amazing and we had a great turn out! Alynn and Celina both shared a devotional reading. It got a bit teary but that was the best part! Maggie played the piano and Tia sang! They both did a beautiful job!

tea party 09 tea party 01 tea party 05tea party 06tea party 08  tea party 07While the tea is loads of fun the clean up stinks! Thankfully, we had some help! But I know that both my mom and I were EXHAUSTED!!!

On Sunday after church we headed up to Sore Acres to check out the changes with the logging and do a bit of shooting. It didn’t seem any different until we reached the gate! I have to say it was a bit shocking, even if we had seen pictures!!!

mothers day 01mothers day 02mothers day 03But the view from there is AMAZING!

mothers day 07I know just where I want to park our trailer at…

mothers day 04Even the outhouse has a spectacular view!

mothers day 05We walked back towards the road a bit…

mothers day 11 mothers day 08 mothers day 09mothers day 10

Then we walked up the hill above the range…

mothers day 19 mothers day 13 mothers day 14 mothers day 15 mothers day 16 mothers day 17 mothers day 18 Shooting puddles with shotguns is fun!

mothers day 21Best Peeps ever! Should have bought more of these suckers!

mothers day 22Shooting guns was a fun way to spend Mother’s Day!

mothers day 26                                     mothers day 23 mothers day 24 mothers day 25   Ended the day with a delicious Thai dinner! Who would have known there was great Thai food in Woodland???

mothers day 28 mothers day 27It was a really great Mother’s Day!