Wednesday, October 22, 2014

They Done Got Hitched – Let’s Party

I can’t believe this little guy stayed there during the whole ceremony! Obviously he liked Devon a lot! Or he just really liked the awesome boutonniere I made… ;o)

mom wedding pics 65 mom wedding pics 64

The wedding was over and then it was time to eat! And there was a whole lot of delicious food to be had thanks to all of the guests!

The kids played for a bit and worked up an appetite before eating…

mom wedding pics 66mom wedding pics 67mom wedding pics 68Everything went so smoothly that Zack and Tatum got to greet all of their guests and have something to eat…

Elsie was so excited about Zack and Tatum getting married! Zack is her favorite!

    our wedding pics 26

mom wedding pics 69mom wedding pics 70mom wedding pics 71I don’t think anyone else got to do flips with the groom… :o)

The maid of honor and the best man both gave very nice toasts to the bride and groom. I am so thankful that my kids have been blessed by having such fantastic friends!

mom wedding pics 74

And because they love me and know how I feel about dancing, they only did a father-daughter and first dance. Thanks, you two! It made me feel extra special that I didn’t have to dance at your wedding… ;o)  But you two looked adorable!

mom wedding pics 73

mom wedding pics 72

And Stella was pretty excited that there was dancing she could do at the reception! Thanks to Dawson and the rest of the dancers for making one little 5-year-old feel pretty like one of the “big kids”!

   our wedding pics 28 our wedding pics 27 mom wedding pics 76mom wedding pics 75And just like that, it was time to throw birdseed and for the bride and groom to go off on their honeymoon. Zack planned a surprise stay at a nice bed & breakfast in St Helens instead of a night at their new empty apartment. Way to go, Zack!

Elsie was so excited to send them off and throw her birdseed. But when the time came, she was so overwhelmed that she just watched them as they walked by and then dumped her packet of birdseed on the ground. :o)

mom wedding pics 77mom wedding pics 78Then it was over. And like most things, getting ready is so much more fun than cleaning up. Unless you are the ones who got the job of building a giant campfire and burning all the garbage. I wish I had taken a picture of it, but I was so busy cleaning and packing things up that I didn’t have a chance.

When it was all said and done, it was a very wonderful day and we all slept really well that night!   

Monday, October 20, 2014

Here Comes the Bride – In a Model T Ford

The guests began to arrive and we began to realize that it was  really hot outside and the chairs were in the sun. I was so busy praying it wouldn’t rain, I didn’t consider heat.

our wedding pics 12

our wedding pics 17

our wedding pics 15

our wedding pics 18  mom wedding pics 42 mom wedding pics 41  mom wedding pics 44 mom wedding pics 45 mom wedding pics 46mom wedding pics 47 The ushers got everyone seated (some opted seats in the shade) and before we knew it, the moment arrived…

mom wedding pics 48our wedding pics 19our wedding pics 22our wedding pics 20our wedding pics 21the stringed trio was lovely

mom wedding pics 49     

You could hear when the bride arrived…

mom wedding pics 50

our wedding pics 23

mom wedding pics 51mom wedding pics 52mom wedding pics 53the girls were so excited to help with the dress!

mom wedding pics 54    

my dad made for a very dapper chauffeur

I did pretty well until Tatum walked down the aisle… thank goodness for tissues!

our wedding pics 24 our wedding pics 25Because it was so warm, Pastor Fyffe cut the ceremony short a bit. But he did a wonderful job and it was a beautiful one! Christ was totally in the center of this wedding!

mom wedding pics 59 mom wedding pics 57 mom wedding pics 58

mom wedding pics 61

mom wedding pics 55

I now pronounce you man and wife…

mom wedding pics 62

mom wedding pics 63mom wedding pics 56