Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lewis River Falls

This is one of the most stunning and beautiful places I have ever hiked. Chris and I went backpacking here last summer with Andy and Will but I wanted Zack and Tatum to see it, too. So when they came home one weekend, we drove out and did the hike… Next time, I am bringing my swimsuit!

hiking 05

hiking 40 hiking 04  hiking 07 hiking 08 hiking 09 hiking 11 hiking 12 hiking 15 hiking 17 hiking 18 hiking 19 hiking 22 hiking 28 hiking 29 hiking 32 hiking 33  hiking 36  Already looking forward to going back next summer!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Seaside Surprise

After buying the Toyota, we decided to take it for a drive out to the beach. Apparently, so did everyone else on the planet…

beach 01

The traffic was backed up for MILES and it took FOREVER to get into Astoria! But with blue skies like this can you blame us???

beach 02

Little did we know that those clouds ahead meant a 20 degree drop in the temperature by the time we reached Seaside!

beach 03  Not to mention the fact that there was a car show in town! Despite all the people, we stuck around and enjoyed looking at all the cars! I don’t think I could pick a favorite…

beach 06 beach 04 beach 05Oh wait… Yes I can! This little number has been my favorite as long as I can remember. Other girls had posters of boy bands on their wall, I had this:

beach 07  Unlike today, cars used to have style and class. Each one was unique and a work of art. It was the golden age of the automobile. Just look at the details…

beach 34 beach 09 beach 10 beach 11 beach 12 beach 13 beach 14 beach 16 beach 17 beach 18 beach 20 beach 21 beach 24 beach 25 beach 28 beach 30 beach 31 beach 32 beach 33 We decided to head out of town before the parade got started and we were stuck! There were people everywhere!

beach 36 beach 35 After driving all that way, we figured we should actually go to the beach. We drove back up to Del Ray beach and took the car out on the sand. Unfortunately, it was so windy and cold that we didn’t stay out for long…

beach 39 beach 38 On the way through Astoria we stopped at the Fort George for dinner. Not bad, but we’ll be sticking with Rogue from now on.

Good day! Gorgeous weather! Great company!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hero Club

This year was our third annual Hero Club: a 5-day VBS we hold at the local Sr Center that is adjacent to the spray park. We had a great turn out of kids and had lots of fun every day! This year we learned about: Joseph, Rahab, Gideon, Esther and Jesus.

There were games, crafts, stories, songs, and of course, Otter Pops!

Hero Club 04

Hero Club 21 Hero Club 01  Hero Club 03  Hero Club 05  Hero Club 09 Hero Club 10 Hero Club 11 Hero Club 12 Hero Club 13 Hero Club 15 Hero Club 16 Hero Club 17 Hero Club 18 Hero Club 20