Tuesday, February 3, 2015

We Don’t Have Children Anymore

My Facebook post on Saturday says it all…

It finally happened. Today I officially don't have children any more. Now I only have adults. Today my baby turns 18! I am so proud of my three men and who they are becoming but I have no idea how to parent grown-ups. But God has gotten us this far and I had no idea how to parent babies or toddlers or grade-schoolers or teenagers either. I will just have to keep trusting Him in this next stage, too. Be patient with me, boys (sorry, men). I'm sure I'll keep on making mistakes... But I love you and I mean well.

Boys at hospital

Being a grown-up meant Will had to spend his special day doing “grown-up” stuff like chores, homework and taking his written portion of the driving test…

But since we’re not totally mean, we did take him out to Chinese after the test…

bday lunch 01 Great pic, huh??? LOL

And eventually, we let him open presents…

Since he got a lock pick set for Christmas, I couldn’t let him practice on our doors…

 wills gifts 02 wills gifts 03

He had it down to well under a minute to unlock the next day and 15 seconds by Monday!

wills gifts 04

We also got him a new wallet and The Lego Movie, which we promptly watched while eating birthday ice cream.

The following day was Super Bowl Sunday, and since we didn’t care one snit about the game, we took advantage and took Andy to Sykart to do what he wanted to do for his birthday.

It was really fun! Especially since we were the only ones on the track! Some of us are more competitive than others… ;)

bdays 01bdays 02bdays 06 Then we went to Olive Garden for Will’s birthday… Mmmmm!

 bdays 03 bdays 05To top off an already super fun great day, the Seahawks lost the Super Bowl! :)  Go Pack! 

Who says you can’t have a super fun birthday, even when you’re a grown up???

Happy Birthday, Will! We love ya!

Monday, February 2, 2015

2015 March For Life

The weather for this year’s March for Life was gorgeous!

march for life 03

It was also very nice that I didn’t have to park and got Anne Marie to drop me off and pick me up at the capital! Thanks, Anne Marie! Next year we’ll go together… and I hope to have a van full, too!

There weren’t as many marchers this year but there were a lot more representatives that spoke and took a stand for life. We were told there was a good group of pro-life freshman this year which was very encouraging! So don’t forget to pray for our politicians who take a stand for life. They need them!

 march for life 01

march for life 02

I liked this sign!

march for life 04

march for life 05march for life 06

march for life 07found my place on the steps

march for life 08 

march for life 09march for life 11 march for life 10

I also had a card for each of our reps that included this quote:

“We're all human, aren't we? Every human life is worth the same, and worth saving.”

― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

After it was done, Anne Marie picked me up and we ate some fantastic eclairs by the water and just talked. It was a lovely day!

up close 01

up close 02

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Pastors’ Wives Hit the Road

Thanks to the generosity of some families up north, we got to have a pastors’ wives’ retreat again this year! This year, my friend Cheryl came up from Portland and we drove up to pick up AnneMarie in Olympia and went shopping on the way north in Seattle.

The ladies were kind enough to indulge me and go to Daiso. I LOVE Diaso (which is obvious by the large sums of money I spent there and the fact that we stopped by the other one on the way home… LOL)! We also had Thai food for lunch.

We had a great time of fellowship, laughing, fun, crying, encouraging, shopping, crafting, studying the Word… I loved it all! Even the waiting 3 hours for our lunch on Saturday. ;)

PW retreat 01 my roommates for the weekend (Cheryl, Sharon & Michelle)

PW retreat 02

Cheryl led our time of study

PW retreat 03

this was before we waited hours for our food…

PW retreat 04

we all fit!

PW retreat 05

It was just the time away that I needed! I came home relaxed, refreshed and encouraged! Thanks to all of the ladies that put in so much work and time to make it possible!