Sunday, June 26, 2011

Family Flashback- Bible Camp 1999

This was the first time we went to Family Bible Camp at Warm Beach in 1999. The boys and I went by ourselves until Friday night when Chris joined us. We camped out at RV Land with all our friends from Rose of Sharon (aka Greater Grace).

FB Bible Camp 06Our circle of tents in the woods

My biggest memories of that year: the rain, Zoe’s tent leaking, helping in the kindergarten class, and having to do laundry thanks to all the rain and a certain four-year-old! But it was nice to have the company of Kate McMurry and Janet Olsoe while waiting for our clothes to get done! :o)

Despite the weather, the boys all had tons of fun!

FB Bible Camp 04Playing at the playground

FB Bible Camp 08 FB Bible Camp 03 

 riding on the firetruck

FB Bible Camp 01

playing mini golf

FB Bible Camp 05

Andy was even brave enough to try the rope swing!

FB Bible Camp 02

eating ice cream

FB Bible Camp 07

horse-drawn wagon rides

Now we all have trailers and most of our kids are all off in cabins. My husband is now camp director. How times have changed!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kung Fu Tourney

Today was the boys’ first tournament for kung fu. Unfortunately Andy wasn’t feeling well and didn’t get to go. :o(  But Zack got to compete in the adult division now that he’s 18!

tourney  01

His group was pretty small so the forms and sparring went quickly!

First was forms:

tourney  02These guys had tough judges!

Then point sparring:

tourney  03Won the first round!

tourney  04Was winning the second round before he took a pretty good blow to the head! :o(

tourney  05Won the third round!

tourney  06And got the third place trophy!!!

I can’t believe I forgot to take a pic with Zack and his prize!!! :o( Arrr!

But we are so proud of how he did and it was more fun than I thought it would be! :o)    

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wood Cutting at the Woods’

Today we went to help Walt and Dena cut up and move out the last of the big trees that fell on their property. It was a pretty big bugger and it took a whole lotta chainsawin’, maul swinging, lifting and rollin’… But we finally did it!!!

We all worked real hard but I have to say that I am fairly certain that Will has never worked so hard in all his life and he has the blisters and sore arms to prove it!!! Chris and I were so proud we took everyone out to ice cream to celebrate!

Even Maximus did a good job… (he didn’t actually do any work but he was a very well behaved lumber jack puppy)

wood 01 Going through the woodpile while the dogs play a game…

wood 02 

Max was in the trailer and Knuckles tried to find him!

wood 03

(look at that sweet face…)

wood 04

He found him!!!

wood 07

Look at these guys just talkin’ while Chris is already hard at work… LOL

wood 06 wood 05

Chris didn’t waste any time!

wood 10 wood 08 wood 09

All kinds of critters live under rotting logs, but this guy was the cutest one we saw. Great pics, Will!

wood 11

Wet, green maple is REALLY heavy!!!

wood 12

wood 13

Cutting these bad boys was often a team effort

wood 15

People are still standing around while Chris is hard at work… LOL

wood 14

wood 16 wood 19 wood 18 Loading up the trailer behind the quad

wood 20 

Still working on that pesky end piece

wood 21

wood 22

We were blessed with PERFECT weather!

wood 24 wood 23

I just couldn’t let all that gorgeous wood chip go to waste! So I brought it home to dry and use for the chicken coop…

wood 25

Still lots of log yet to go…

wood 26

Will took Max out for a run in the trees after lunch…

wood 29

Then it was time for a nap in his favorite spot…

wood 27

Under the quad

wood 28

What a sleepy puppy!!!

wood 30

After lunch we made quick work of what remained

wood 31wood 32

wood 33Job well done guys!!!

I think everyone is going to sleep well tonight… :o)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mountain Man Retreat

Each year the guys at the south end churches host a Mountain Man Retreat up at Sore Acres. The theme is always: God, Guys, Grub & Guns (I’m not positive about the order?) and all four are really good!!! They always have so much fun, it makes me wish I could go…

This year, our church brought a whole bunch of guys! Lots of them were under the age of 20! And God gave them really nice weather (well, nice for this year…)!

God: Stan Olsen was this year’s speaker and he had two sessions, one Friday night and one Saturday morning. He spoke about the story of David and Saul.

more MMR 04 MMR 18 MMR 19 Guys: There were also about 28 guys.

more MMR 05 MMR 04

MMR 02

MMR 03

MMR 17

 Grub: Bob Unfried is in charge of the food, so you know it’s amazing! All I heard about when they got back (other than the guns) was the ribs, deep-fried turkeys, and jello (yes, the jello)!

MMR 20 MMR 21MMR 22 GUNS: Yup, there are a whole lotta guns up there! And that’s just the way they like it! The boys all came back to our place after the retreat. I assumed they were all playing some kind of first-person shooter game… Nope, they were watching video footage from the retreat! :o)

more MMR 06 At the range…

MMR 01 MMR 05

MMR 06MMR 15Here’s what they were shooting at…

MMR 10   A fire extinguisher… Now that doesn’t seem like a good idea. Hmmm???

MMR 08

I like this one!

MMR 09

MMR 14MMR 11Hey! That’s a really cute bear! Why are you taking his picture???

MMR 12  

Ahhh!!! He must be Pastor Steve’s bear! That’s so sweet!

MMR 13

WAIT!!! What are you going to do to Teddy???

To see what happened to Teddy and watch other footage of the shooting range, click HERE. (pay special attention at about 3:15)

MMR 16Poor, poor teddy!!! Why does Keegan look so happy???

  more MMR 01 more MMR 02

Then it was off to the field for skeet shooting. You can watch footage of that HERE.

MMR 28 MMR 23 MMR 24 MMR 25 MMR 26 MMR 27

May God continue to work on the lives of these men and shape them into the godly leaders that He wants them to be!