Sunday, December 30, 2012

Family Flashback – New Year’s 1998

This year marked Zack and Andy’s first New Year’s party. They had lots of fun playing games, eating treats and trying to stay up until the new year.

ff new year 98 01  Unfortunately they didn’t make it until midnight… :o(

ff new year 98 02

It’s too bad because we really did have fun bringing in 1998! ;o)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas in Seattle

Friday was our final family Christmas for 2012… We met at Aunt Margaret’s place for some good  eats and fun times with family!

seattle christmas 04 seattle christmas 03

Zack got to open the first gift of the day; his graduation quilt handmade by Aunt Margaret. It turned out gorgeous!!!

seattle christmas 01 seattle christmas 02

We counted down the minutes until Sarah arrived and we could open gifts… ;o)

seattle christmas 05

The boys had lots of fun with Ben and with some of the fun gifts they got!

seattle christmas 18

seattle christmas 26 


Especially the bug-out bags from Uncle Tom!

seattle christmas 13seattle christmas 14seattle christmas 15seattle christmas 16

Both Leingang brothers got light-up gifts from their mom.

seattle christmas 06 Chris got this pretty solar-powered lamp…

seattle christmas 07 seattle christmas 08

Tom got this funky light-up Christmas ornament…

seattle christmas 10 seattle christmas 09

There were also a whole lot of fun handmade gifts (by the givers or someone else…)

seattle christmas 25 indoor fire pit with rocks and fondue pot fuel

seattle christmas 24

This quilt art is gorgeous!

seattle christmas 11 seattle christmas 12

seattle christmas 19

       I can’t wait to figure out these napkins Cindi made!

I got stuff that I love: old stuff and kitchen stuff! :o)

seattle christmas 22

seattle christmas 23 seattle christmas 17Since real gas masks weren’t enough… Andy got a gas mask camo coat! :o)

seattle christmas 21

Friday, December 28, 2012

A Very Sausage New Year

It’s our family tradition to get together with the McMurry family every year on New Year’s Day. This year school starts on the 2nd for the McMurry clan, so we got together to celebrate a bit early. This year’s theme was sausage!

We picked up 80 pounds of pork butt and made our own 7 varieties of homemade sausages! Wow!

sausages 02 Spicy Italian seasonings

sausages 01 into the mixer

sausages 03

grinding more pork

 sausages 04

making link sausages (no jokes please!) LOL

NO! We didn’t eat all 80 pounds for dinner! Our fridge is full of over 40 pounds of sausage and smells like a German deli… ;o)

sausages fridge 01It was a very fun evening! Now we just have to decide what kinds to make next time???

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Day

I sent the boys to bed at 11:00 on Christmas Eve. Santa was just too tired to stay up late. They vowed revenge, swearing they would get up early and wake us up by jumping on our bed! (Which, by the way, they’ve NEVER done their whole life!)

But we foiled their evil plot by getting up before they got the chance… LOL

Before hitting the presents, we made some hot cocoa & pumpkin spice chai. Yum!

Then it was time to see what was under the tree…

Christmas 01 But first, stockings…

Christmas 02Ok, you can look at the gun first… ;o)

Christmas 04 Christmas 03 

Then it was time to open gifts…

Christmas 05Christmas 06It’s hard to look like a tough survivalist in a Snuggie… LOL

Christmas 08  

Maybe the Survival Manual will help???

Andy was excited about the frames before he even got the Dr Who posters!

Christmas 07Christmas 17Christmas 25Zack got a comfy desk chair! He may never come out of his room now… ;o)

Christmas 09Christmas 26    All of the boys got an air soft mask…

Christmas 12

Christmas 13Zack got everyone gifts this year now that he has a job…

Christmas 14a camera case for Will

Christmas 15  

a PS3 remote for me because I hate using the game controller to watch movies ;o)

Christmas 16

an iHome for Andy and ammo for Dad

Dad got some fun gifts: a camelback & walking sticks (he wanted one after going to Hawaii)

Christmas 11 Christmas 10I fixed the lamp he’s had since before we were married…

Christmas 28

Will got him a cargo bar for the truck. That should really come in handy!

Christmas 18

Andy got him a chemistry model kit. You’d think it was an actual toy they were having so much fun with it…

Christmas 22Christmas 23Like father like son…

Christmas 21     William got the Lego Bible (pardon the nudity on the cover) LOL

Christmas 29Christmas 19 Christmas wears you out and leaves a bit of a mess…

Christmas 24Christmas 27We spent the rest of the day putting things away and watching the newest Bourne movie we got from Santa!

Then we went down to Portland for dinner at my parents’…

Christmas 32 Christmas 31   Yup! It was a very Merry Christmas!