Monday, May 31, 2010

Harrison/Bernard Invitational Cook-Off

Every year the Bernards and Harrisons have a cook-off on Memorial Day. This year’s theme was poultry and we were invited! Yay! Andy asked if I wanted to enter and bring something, but I knew with the busy week I really couldn’t. So I said I’d bring a side dish and decided to do a strawberry spinach salad about an hour and a half before going. I quickly threw one together, made some lemonade in the cooler and headed out the door.

There were TONS of different poultry dishes to choose from and Andy’s smoked turkey was especially delicious, both plain and on the flat bread pizza (which by the way, was the best dish there)!

cook off 01 cook off 02cook off 03cook off 07Andy’s fantastic smoked turkey flat bread pizza

   cook off 08

cook off 10

cook off 11

cook off 04

cook off 06

cook off 05

cook off 09

Andy, the chef


But after all the ballots were cast, there was one entry that was mentioned almost every time: my strawberry spinach salad! LOL  So I was graciously declared the unofficial winner and even given the prize: a fully-equipped, self-contained BBQ apron! Andy also gave me the Betty Crocker Cooky Book that my mom had when I was a kid! I can’t wait to start making cookies out of it!

cook off 13

cook off 12cook off 14cook off 15this was my favorite page when I was a kid 

It was a lot of fun, even if I hadn’t won! I wonder what I’ll bring next year??? :o)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday School Picnic

Every year on the last day of Sunday School, we hold an all-church picnic at Riverside Park. This year I wasn’t sure the weather was going to cooperate for us, but the rain held back (for the most part) and we had a very nice time! We all enjoyed the good food, the fellowship and the bigger kids (and some of the really big kids) had a blast playing soccer!

Sunday School picnic 01 Sunday School picnic 02

 just visitin’…

Sunday School picnic 03

the chow line

Sunday School picnic 04

playing ring toss (Ben is good!)

Sunday School picnic 05

Alex likes having his picture taken (can you tell??? LOL)

Sunday School picnic 07


Sunday School picnic 08

Lily gets to pull the first string to see which one opens the piƱata

Sunday School picnic 09 

Sunday School picnic 10Sunday School picnic 11Alex pulled the winning string!

Sunday School picnic 12  

but the candy needed a little help getting out…

Sunday School picnic 13

Lily decided she couldn’t wait until it was unwrapped

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Camping Out Class Party

While the guys were gone at the men’s retreat camping in the cold and rain, I went to the Wards’ house for a warm and cozy Camping Out party.

Betsy and Cassia were lovely hostesses and everyone who came had lots of fun eating delicious food, making camp necklaces, doing camping Mad Libs, playing the a tent, visiting and roasting homemade marshmallows on the front porch!

Camping out 01 Cassia is all ready!

Camping out 03

Camping out 04

the Camping Out gang

Camping out 05

making necklaces

Camping out 06

Camping out 07

coloring their medallions

Camping out 08

Camping Out moms

Camping out 09

story time in the tent

Camping out 10

reading the kids’ Mad Lib stories

Camping out 11

Camping out 12

S’mores are the BEST!!!

Thanks for such a fun time to the Ward family and all the Camping Out families, too!

Mt Men’s Retreat 2010

Unfortunately the weather at this year’s Mt Men’s Retreat was less than ideal. It poured most of the time they were there! Not to mention the fact that it was also cold… But they had a great speaker (Chris did it), fantastic food (Bob and Brent did it), wonderful fellowship and GUNS!

Mt Man 01

the new stove

Mt Man 02

Mt Man 03

Mt Man 04

Some of the guys are still talking about shooting the AK-47…

 Mt Man 05Mt Man 06Mt Man 07

Thursday, May 20, 2010

It Finally Arrived

After months of dreaming, researching, saving, waiting and anticipation Zack’s new guitar finally arrived today in the mail! To say that he is happy to have it is a gross understatement. He LOVES it already! Now he just has to choose a name…

guitar 01 they started getting into the box before I could even get back with the camera

guitar 02

guitar 03

guitar 04

guitar 05

Geez! How many boxes are there? It’s like a present at a teen group gift exchange… LOL

It’s a transparent cherry Ibanez ART100. I have to admit that it’s a very pretty guitar and it sounds pretty SWEET, too!

guitar 06guitar 07guitar 08guitar 09guitar 10

Have fun Zack and I hope you enjoy many more years of a rockin’ good time playin’ her!

guitar 11guitar 12