Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hiking Mt St Helens

Zack and Andy start back at the college on Monday, so I arranged for one more field trip before they can’t go anymore… We had a few friends tag along, too! Makes the day even more fun!

First we stopped at the 7 Wonders Creation Museum to learn about how the eruption of Mt St Helens help to support the fact that the earth did not need millions of years to develop. If you ever get the chance to go, do it!

mt st helens 04 mt st helens 01 mt st helens 02 mt st helens 03

Then we headed up the mountain to have lunch at Coldwater Lake and then hike the Boundary Trail out to Devil’s Elbow. About halfway up the mountain we could see smoke coming in from over the hills. It gave everything an eerie hue and somewhat hampered our view of the mountain.

But it was still gorgeous and just one more proof of God’s powerful and creative nature!

mt st helens 08 mt st helens 06 mt st helens 07

mt st helens 05 Coldwater Lake

mt st helens 15 mt st helens 09 mt st helens 10 mt st helens 12 mt st helens 14

mt st helens 10

Mt St Helens and the valley below

mt st helens 13

mt st helens 17 mt st helens 16

mt st helens 26 the trail to Devil’s Elbow is rather narrow and has a pretty steep fall


mt st helens 24 mt st helens 20 mt st helens 21 mt st helens 22 mt st helens 23

mt st helens 25

The Devil’s Elbow

mt st helens 18

mt st helens 19

the view of Spirit Lake from the Devil’s Elbow

mt st helens 11

Johnston Ridge Observatory from the trail

mt st helens 27

the smoke coming in from over the hills

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Youth Group River Trip

We took the youth group on one more outing before school started. We chose to spend the afternoon/evening at Willow Grove.

We did some swimming, some skim boarding, boat riding, tubing, water balloon launching and hot dog roasting. They all added up to a very fun day!

For some of the kids it was their first time in a ski boat and for most it was their first time tubing. The weather and the river conditions made for some exciting and fun first experiences!

yg river 02 yg river 01skim boarding

yg river 03 

log riding

yg river 04

heading out to go tubing

yg river 06 yg river 07

Hobo did very well for his first time

yg river 14 yg river 10 yg river 13

So did Tia and Lyndsey!

yg river 19

yg river 21 Launching water balloons with a giant sling shot was another favorite activity!

yg river 27

those suckers go far!

yg river 28

yg river 29they make cute little craters

yg river 30 

We also got to see a blue moon

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hiking the Gorge

While camping down in Portland, Theresa, William and I all went hiking in the Gorge. Theresa even took us there in Florence (her 1965 Rambler). The old highway is so beautiful and it made me wish we had all day to stop and see it all!

Sometimes it’s fun to play tourist in your own backyard!

First stop… Vista House. The new renovations are gorgeous! Totally worth the time!

camping trip 09 camping trip 08camping trip 15 camping trip 10 camping trip 11 camping trip 12 camping trip 13 camping trip 14  Multnomah Falls was pretty crowded on such a nice summer day! We decided to hike up to the top… Two old ladies can’t keep up with a 15 year old, so we didn’t even try. He met us there… ;o)  I didn’t feel so bad coming down when I saw all those people huffing and puffing up the hill. It’s nice not to be the only one.

camping trip 17 camping trip 16camping trip 18a lot of people throw money, and garbage, into the falls :o(

camping trip 19  

camping trip 20looking down from the top

camping trip 21  

camping trip 23 camping trip 22

camping trip 24camping trip 25

On the way to the next falls, we stopped at this tunnel and Will did a bit of rock climbing and cave exploring…

camping trip 26camping trip 27camping trip 28camping trip 29After the hike up Multnomah Falls we weren’t sure about hiking Horsetail. I am so glad we did! It was way better!!!

camping trip 30Horsetail Falls

camping trip 31       

view from the trail

camping trip 32Upper Horsetail Falls (Ponytail Falls)

camping trip 36 camping trip 33 camping trip 34  

These falls are not only less crowded and easier on the legs, but you can walk behind it and swim in the pool below!

camping trip 37On the way home we hit one more viewpoint…

camping trip 38Last stop??? A super Italian restaurant in Troutdale! We were starving!!!