Monday, September 23, 2013

Moving to Monmouth

Today we moved Zack and Andy to Monmouth right after Will finished his first day of classes at LCC. Yup, it was a big day around here!

I wasn’t sure we’d have room for everything but somehow we got it all to fit, even after we stopped at Mom & Dad’s to pick up more stuff for their new apartment!

Thankfully the rain let up for the unloading of the truck/trailer/car. Unfortunately, not everything made it through the rainy drive there without getting wet; namely Zack’s mattress. Just like a trooper, he’s going to sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor until it dries! We hope that it dries soon!

moving day 02 lots of unpacking yet to do!

moving day 03

Keegan stopped by to visit

moving day 01

Installing shelf paper in the kitchen

moving day 04

Andy’s room

moving day 05

Zack’s room

After everything was unloaded and most of the essentials located, we hit the credit union, Bi-Mart to get more stuff and then to a Mexican food restaurant for a nice family meal.

moving day 06 thanks for taking our picture, Keegan!

I didn’t cry once! Pretty proud of myself! We’ll see how I do tomorrow??? ;o)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Historic Stella, WA

Today we went to Stella Historical Society’s Remnants of the Past. It was interesting to see all the old stuff but we mostly went to see the blacksmith, who just happens to be a kid in our youth group. Pretty cool, huh?

Stella stuff 01 I loved all the old clothes!

Stella stuff 04 Stella stuff 05

I also loved the embroidery cards done by 4 and 6 year old sisters

Stella stuff 03Stella stuff 02  The blacksmith shop had some cool old stuff, too!

Stella stuff 06 Stella stuff 12 Stella stuff 07 Stella stuff 08 Stella stuff 09 Stella stuff 10 Stella stuff 11 But the coolest thing was the forge! Johnny and his dad do great work and even let us help…

Stella stuff too 03 Stella stuff 13 Stella stuff 14 Stella stuff 15 Stella stuff too 01 Stella stuff too 02

In the end, they made this really great hook that they gave us as a gift! Wow! I feel very blessed!

Stella stuff 24 The next building was also full of old stuff. Surprising, huh? ;o)

Dishes from logging camps in the area…

Stella stuff 16

Stella stuff 17An old cook stove…

Stella stuff 18Farming equipment…

Stella stuff 23 Stella stuff 19 Stella stuff 20 Stella stuff 21

  And a window from a crashed WWII B24 bomber!

Stella stuff 22I even got to bring a piece of old Stella home with me…

Stella stuff 25