Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tea Party and Rock & Roll

We celebrated Maggie’s birthday with a tea party at Grandma’s house with all the girls.

winter jam 07 winter jam 01  winter jam 03 winter jam 04 winter jam 05 There was lots of fun and yummy food! And while I was there enjoying myself, Chris and Will were waiting in line in the rain for Winter Jam!

Zack and Andy drove up for it. Tatum and the Paulsons came… It was a rockin’ good time! And David Crowder was our favorite!!!

winter jam 17 winter jam 08 winter jam 09  winter jam 11 winter jam 12 winter jam 13 winter jam 14 winter jam 15 winter jam 16

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pumpkin Bash 2013

We thought this might just be the year… the year without rain. But we were wrong! But not even rain can put a damper on the funnest post-Halloween bash of the year!

Chris had to miss this year but Zack and Andy came up from Monmouth (and brought Keegan and Ilsa up, too) for the weekend! It’s just too hard to pass up an opportunity to shoot guns at pumpkins!

It was quieter this year, but that’s just the way we like it. Everyone knew what they were doing and there was plenty of space for everyone on the line. It was a great day!

pumpkin bash 01Before bashing…

pumpkin bash 02 

pumpkin bash 03

pumpkin bash 04

pumpkin bash 05

After bashing

Even I did some shooting this year…

pumpkin bash 09 pumpkin bash 07 pumpkin bash 08So did Andy…

pumpkin bash 13 pumpkin bash 11 pumpkin bash 12Zack did, too. But we didn’t get any shots of him. William just shot pictures…

You can’t bash pumpkins without guns!

pumpkin bash 17 pumpkin bash 10 pumpkin bash 14

Toeing the line

 pumpkin bash 15    Ready, aim, fire!

pumpkin bash 16

I probably shouldn’t have eaten so much of the yummy chili that Jan and Steve brought. I was hardly hungry at all for Chad’s birthday party at the Mongolian Grill! Thankfully, we didn’t go for the food! :o)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Harvest Party 2013

This year we had our Harvest Party at Catlin Elementary again. Only this year, the school sent home 300 invitations with all their students and put up posters and signs around the school! We also put out invitations at the day care, CPC and Lynn’s Burgers downtown. And, to top it all off, we got on the local radio station somehow??? :o)

Needless to say, we were a little concerned about how many families we would have come out. Unfortunately, we were quite short on the number of helpers that were volunteering! Details were coming together, prayers were said and God came through just as always!

We had plenty of help, set up in plenty of time (despite the after-school program being in the gym the first hour), LOTS of pizza (all our helpers got to take one home) and lots of fun was had by all!

Harvest Party 33 Harvest Party 34 Harvest Party 37 Harvest Party 40 Harvest Party 41 Harvest Party 01 Harvest Party 02 Harvest Party 03 Harvest Party 05 Harvest Party 06 Harvest Party 09 Harvest Party 10 Harvest Party 11 Harvest Party 12 Harvest Party 13 Harvest Party 14 Harvest Party 15 Harvest Party 18 Harvest Party 19 Harvest Party 20 Harvest Party 22 Harvest Party 23 Harvest Party 25 Harvest Party 26 Harvest Party 27 Harvest Party 28 Harvest Party 29 The weather was warm for trick or treating, and many people didn’t stay long. But we had 64 families (about 210 people) come and enjoy our food, games, story and fun! Now we pray that God will be given the glory and do the work He wants to do!