Sunday, July 29, 2012

Go 4th- Cardboard Regatta

The past couple of years we have missed our Go 4th celebration at Lake Sacagawea because we’ve been at Bible Camp. But this year we came home on the 1st…

Zack worked at the Young Republican’s booth, so Andy & Will and I decided to head down and check it out.

go 4th 01 go 4th 02 We happened to get there at the same time as the cardboard regatta was going on.

I had no idea what a big deal this thing is! Area businesses and groups make a boat entirely out of cardboard and duct tape and race them on the lake. There were 47 entries and over 5,000 spectators!

go 4th 08 go 4th 03 go 4th 04 go 4th 07 Some of the entries were built for buoyancy, some for speed, but some were just works of art.

Here are some pics of the races…

go 4th 17 go 4th 05 go 4th 06 go 4th 09 go 4th 10 go 4th 11 go 4th 12 go 4th 13 go 4th 14   go 4th 16

go 4th 15

some never made it at all… :o(

But everyone had fun and it was neat to see all of the creative talent our community actually has!

I think our favorite part of the day was the food! Andy had Russian food and Will & I had hand-dipped corn dogs, fries, and deep-fried Twinkies. Yum!

Now that’s the way to kick off the 4th of July… :o)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Inside Look at Bible Camp

This year I didn’t take any pictures at Bible Camp, but Will and Zack took LOTS! We now have an inside view of what the boys do at Bible Camp… It looks messy and loud!

First a couple of gorgeous nature shots that Will took on the walking trail…

bible camp 01 bible camp 02 Slime Time…

bible camp 09 bible camp 03 bible camp 04  bible camp 06 bible camp 07 bible camp 08 bible camp 05

I can’t believe people volunteer for this!

Talent Show…

bible camp 19 bible camp 13 bible camp 14 bible camp 15 bible camp 16 bible camp 17 bible camp 18

this girl was very talented and flexible!

Some of the kids/adults were very talented! Other things I didn’t realize were talents??? ;o)

I’m not sure what this game is but I had a LOT of pictures of it to go through!

bible camp 12 bible camp 10 bible camp 11   Here’s an inside look at what the pastors’ wives did…

532109_424071057637939_1401671517_nNotice how we’re all clean… and we still had fun! :o)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

San Juan Senior Trip

The weekend following graduation (and finals at LCC), the parents sent the boys on a 3 day trip to the San Juan Islands with Walt and Dena on their boat.

I wasn’t there, so I don’t know exactly what they did. But they all came back alive and the van was unscathed, so they must have been fine.

I do know that they camped at Sequim Bay State Park. I know they went on the boat. I know they swam and jumped off a bridge on Orcas Island. Other than that???

Well, you’ll just have to look at the few pictures they took…

sr trip 03 sr trip 01 sr trip 02 they saw a beautiful sunset

sr trip 04


sr trip 06 

Zack drove

sr trip 05

Ian, Dawson and Carol rode in the van (apparently they ditched Joel)

sr trip 07

they drove down this road

sr trip 08

Ian grew a beard

sr trip 10

they found some wildlife

sr trip 09

they saw lots of water

sr trip 11

they walked on a trail

sr trip 12

they saw an island with a big hill

sr trip 13

Carl died on a bridge

sr trip 14

Joel thought about stuff

sr trip 15

they saw Bambi

sr trip 16

they saw a mountain in the distance

sr trip 17

they caught a crab

sr trip 18

Ian tried to eat the crab

sr trip 19

Carl kissed the crab

Hmmm??? Well, at least they had fun…