Thursday, January 31, 2013

Family Flashback – Toy Story Party

When William turned three everything in the Leingang household was about Toy Story. “To infinity and beyond!” frequently rang out through the halls!

So it was only natural that Will picked to have a Toy Story birthday party with Woody, Buzz, Rex and the rest of the gang…

  • FF Wills 3 02 FF Wills 3 04 Getting ready to blow out candles

Will’s favorite present was his new Buzz Lightyear!

FF Wills 3 03Obviously it was also his “cheesy grin” phase!

FF Wills 3 01It didn’t last long but it was a pretty funny phase! LOL

You’re a rock star, Will!!! 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Skiing at White Pass

Chris took Andy and Will up to White Pass to go skiing/snowboarding with Andy’s grad group for the very first time! They had an absolute blast and are already talking about going again soon!

Will and Chris skied and Andy snowboarded. Zack is jealous and wants to go now…

They not only came home excited but REALLY sore and tired!

white pass 02

white pass 31  white pass 03 white pass 05 white pass 07 white pass 08 white pass 09 white pass 10 white pass 11 white pass 13 white pass 14 white pass 16 white pass 17 white pass 19 white pass 20 white pass 21 white pass 22 white pass 23 white pass 24 white pass 25 white pass 28

Now my kids are the “cool kids” with ski passes on their coats!

They really want me to go next time, too. I want to but I’m so not into falling! Sitting in the lodge with a cup of cocoa and a good book doesn’t sound so bad… :o)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Snow Day

When all the stars fall into place and you get both a holiday and a sunny day on the same day, you spend it outside…

We spent MLK Day up at Mt St Helens. While the roads were a bit slick in the shade, it was a LONG way before we actually hit snow.

mt st helens 04 mt st helens 03 the view from the visitors’ center in Castle Rock

mt st helens 08 mt st helens 05 mt st helens 06 mt st helens 07

Will stopped to take pics at this great spot!

But eventually we got to the snow and enjoyed playing in the sunshine! Some of us wore only ski pants and t-shirts, it was so warm!!!

mt st helens 13 mt st helens 09 mt st helens 10 mt st helens 11 mt st helens 12

We finally made it to the snow!

mt st helens 17 mt st helens 14 mt st helens 15 mt st helens 16

They started out rolling snowballs down the hill…

mt st helens 19 mt st helens 18

Then they thought it looked like so much fun, they went down the hill, too!

All the playing and climbing makes one hungry. We drove up to Coldwater Lake for a bit of lunch.

mt st helens 32 mt st helens 21 mt st helens 23 mt st helens 28 mt st helens 31Although it was a bit cold for swimming, we did have fun chucking rocks on the ice to see if it would break…

mt st helens 20mt st helens 24Looks like we couldn’t have gone swimming anyway…

mt st helens 25 

mt st helens 26 

mt st helens 27 

this one broke through…

mt st helens 29

mt st helens 30 

This one didn’t… but you could hear the thud echo all across the lake!


What a perfect way to spend the day! And we even got down off the mountain before dark!!!

mt st helens 22