Saturday, December 31, 2011

Family Flashback–New Year’s 1998

This year was Zack and Andy’s very first official New Year’s party. We celebrated by having Grandparents and Aunt Theresa and Uncle Frank over to our apartment to play games and ring in the new year together.

FF New Years 98 01

Unfortunately, the boys had so much fun playing games and eating snacks that they didn’t make it to see in 1998…

FF New Years 98 02

This picture makes me kind of sad because my grandpa died just a couple of weeks after this picture was taken… Yup, I still miss him! So thankful for pictures and great memories!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Day

Sundays make for a chaotic Christmas morning at our house! But it is nice to worship our newborn King on the day we celebrate His birth!

We got up a bit late, opened our stockings, and headed to church. Andy even played “I Celebrate the Day” for us. He did a beautiful job!

Unlike most Sunday mornings, no one was really hungry when we got home, so we went right into opening presents…Christmas 01

new ear buds for Andy

Christmas 02

Will got the last of what he needed to buy his new camera. Yeah, he was pretty happy about it!

Christmas 03

Andy also got a new drum

Christmas 04

Zack is now sporting a new .30-06

Christmas 05

The most exciting gift of the day was the new PS3 from Santa! He got a really great deal on it by trading in all the Will stuff at Game Stop. Santa is really proud of doing it all without the boys suspecting a thing!!!

Christmas 06

So the rest of the day we played Uncharted until we left for Portland to have Christmas dinner with the family.

It was another very merry Christmas for the Leingangs!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve

This year we celebrated Christmas Eve like our friends across the pond. We had tons of fun food from the UK! Wassail, egg nog, stuffed tomatoes & mushrooms, scones with lemon curd, cheesy pudding, goose, bread sauce, bangers & mash, cottage pie, turkish delight, tarts, brandy snaps, and flaming figgy pudding. By the end of the night we were stuffed!!! Oooo, we even had Christmas crackers for everyone…

Christmas eve 01

Amy and Maggie open their cracker

Christmas eve 02Christmas eve 03

Elsie looked the cutest in her paper crown!

In between cooking and eating, we played games and opened gifts. It’s just as much fun seeing what everyone else got as it is getting things yourself!

Christmas eve 04

playing the Logo game

Christmas eve 05Christmas eve 06

Ada felt pretty grown up using Aunt Theresa’s camera!

Christmas eve 07

Maggie got Alice in Wonderland

Christmas eve 08

Charlie got Bullseye!

Christmas eve 09

Theresa made Elsie an adorable fox jumper

Christmas eve 10

Stella liked the scarf I made her, she just didn’t like posing for a picture. ;o)

Just before heading to church we lit the figgy pudding! It was beautiful!

figgy pudding

Our candlelight service went really well and we even had visitors! And this year, we arrived before most of the congregation! LOL

We came home tired and watched a movie before sending everyone off to bed early so Santa could get a good night’s sleep!

Christmas eve 12

It was a smashing good Christmas eve!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Family Flashback- Seattle Family Christmas

Here’s a family Christmas in Seattle way back in 1999…

We spent the night at Aunt Margaret’s and then went to Grandma & Grandpa’s for Christmas.

FF Seattle 01

At Aunt Margaret’s

FF Seattle 02

Playing Legos with Uncle Tom

FF Seattle 04

The grandmas

FF Seattle 03

All ready for presents!!!

Seattle Family Christmas

On Wednesday, we drove up to Kirkland and had family Christmas up at Chris’ Aunt Margaret’s house. Christmas with family is always fun and special and this was no exception! And this year, Mark was able to join us, too!

We had a wonderful time getting to visit with everyone, eating good food, opening presents and playing our new Logo board game from Tom. What a hoot that was! We laughed and laughed and had great fun!

Seattle xmas 02

Seattle xmas 01

Wearing the blinking Santa hat means you’re Santa, Tom! ;o)

Seattle xmas 03

But Donita made a very cute Santa’s helper!

Seattle xmas 04

That’s the fun new board game…

Seattle xmas 05

Aunt Margaret

Seattle xmas 06

Andy got a Kindle from Mark!!!

Seattle xmas 07


Seattle xmas 08

Zack’s chocolate gun

Seattle xmas 09

William got Photoshop from Mark!!!

Seattle xmas 10Seattle xmas 11

Opening more gifts!

Thanks for the very fun evening, everyone!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Lights & Krispy Kreme

Every year we mix up a thermos of hot cocoa and grab a box of Christmas cookies, hop in the van and take a driving tour of the Christmas lights around town. This year’s tour was a bit further away but something new to us. My sister was able to secure some VIP vehicle passes to the Winter Wonderland at Portland International Raceway (her office makes all of their cd’s)!

It was fun to see all new lights for a change of pace! We saw the North Pole, a ski resort, the 12 Days of Christmas, Baby Jesus, dinosaurs, the ocean, Santa and a whole lot more!!!

PIR 04PIR 05PIR 06PIR 07PIR 11PIR 12PIR 16PIR 17PIR 20PIR 25PIR 26PIR 28PIR 31PIR 35PIR 37PIR 39

On the way south, Chris mentioned that he had a hankering for hot Krispy Kremes… Who am I to deny him that??? So we called my mom, got the address of the nearest Krispy Kreme, programmed the GPS and found the glowing red “hot donuts” sign on!

PIR 44

They even had snowman donuts just coming off the line. I liked them so much I had my picture taken with them! After all, I am getting a bit old for Santa…

PIR 46