Sunday, June 23, 2013

LCC Graduation

Both Zack and Andy graduated from Lower Columbia College on Friday with both their associates degrees and high school diplomas!  They both did great and got terrific grades!

The weather was perfect for the ceremony! Not too hot and not too cold. It was cloudy but didn’t rain. But they were ready just in case…

LCC grad 27 First all of the staff walked out.

LCC grad 01Andy’s math and fencing instructors

Then came the graduates.

LCC grad 02LCC grad 04 LCC grad 03 Right in the front row

The boys were part of the group of only 52 Running Start students to graduate with their AA. Andy also was one of very few to graduate with highest honors! A 3.98 GPA!

LCC grad 09 LCC grad 11 This year’s speaker was a former LCC student back in 1958 who went on to work on the space program, including the Apollo space missions! He was very good!

LCC grad 07 LCC grad 06  Considering that there were 380 graduates walking, they went through the names pretty fast!

LCC grad 12Joel Cummings

LCC grad 15 

Ian McNew

LCC grad 17

Crystal McNew

  LCC grad 19

LCC grad 20


LCC grad 22 LCC grad 21


LCC grad 23

changing of the tassels

After it was all over, we visited a bit, took some pics and then went out and got some dinner!

LCC grad 30  LCC grad 31 LCC grad 33 LCC grad 34

The class of 2013

LCC grad 35LCC grad 36the guys doing the Tebow

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father’s Day

After church we headed down to Monmouth to look at the boys’ new apartment (well, one just like it). It’s a 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath townhouse and WAY nicer than our first apartment! The night before Zack dreamt that we liked it so much that we sold our house and moved in with them.Who knows??? We might just do it! LOL

fathers day 06 fathers day 01 fathers day 02 fathers day 03 fathers day 04 fathers day 05 

After apartment perusing, we went to the creek to celebrate Father’s Day.


fathers day 11 fathers day 07 fathers day 10 Smiling…

fathers day 12 fathers day 14 fathers day 08 fathers day 09

Playing with Chris’ new lawn dice game…

 fathers day 13 fathers day 15






It seemed appropriate that on Father’s Day, Chris would win. But did he have to get THREE Yahtzees to do it???

fathers day 16It was a long but fun day and we all slept well! Happy Father’s Day, Chris! We love ya!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Graduation – Post One

What a whirlwind weekend! I wish I had taken more pics but I’m hoping to steal some from others and wait for the professional pics to come in a couple of weeks… :o)

But I am thankful for the ones that William took!

Friday night was the Sr dinner. I love the Sr dinner! Andy Bernard catered for us again this year and the food was good but the fellowship and family blessings were even better!

grad pics 01 Confetti art – by Zack

grad pics 03

Praying over Saori Loveland

grad pics 18

Andy’s graduation shrine ;o)

The next day we had the family grad party at our place before the ceremony. What a gorgeous day! We had a great time but again, didn’t take any pics but this one… :o(

grad pics 19 Before grad, our photographer took pictures of the graduates and families. The kids also snuck in another practice.

grad pics 21 grad pics 20

The graduates – Silly kids!

 grad pics 04 grad pics 05





Skit practice- no graduates were actually killed in the making of this skit.

The graduation ceremony was so nice! So much better than your typical boring graduation ceremony! It is also so nice to know that they Lord was there because He was invited there!

grad pics 06Opening with prayer

grad pics 08 grad pics 07 the super hero skit

grad pics 12 grad pics 09 grad pics 10 grad pics 11 

Praise and worship

grad pics 15 grad pics 14


grad pics 16

Turning of the tassels

grad pics 17

They did it!

Congratulations to Andy and the rest of the graduating class of 2013! We are so proud of you and pray that God will continue to bless you on your future journey! We love you!