Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rain At The Falls

Mark came into town and this year, despite the rain, we decided to take him south to see Multnomah Falls. He’d never been before and we’re not afraid of getting wet, so we forged ahead… After all, it is the second highest year-round falls in the United States!

Well, it was most definitely WET at the falls… and LOUD! With all the rain we’ve had recently, there was a whole lot of water going over the edge. You really get a good sense of the sheer power of the falls in the winter!

falls 02

falls 03falls 05falls 06   falls 07With all the rainfall, there were little (and not-so-little) falls everywhere

falls 08 

falls 09

falls 11

falls 12

falls 13

And of course you get pretty wet, too…

falls 04

Afterwards, Mark treated us to supper at Chang’s Mongolian Grill. We hadn’t been there in forever and had forgotten just how fantastic it is! Thanks Mark! It was great seeing you again!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Fruit Snacks For Christmas

I have to admit that this was the toughest month of waiting for Christmas that I’ve had in years. Every day seemed to drag on into a seemingly endless week… It was almost painful some days. Most of my months (not to mention weeks or days) seem to zip by in a blur of frenzied busyness.

So why did this Advent season become like the last week of school in Jr. High??? Waiting to give the boys their Christmas present…

We all got lots of great gifts this year! Some of which we were anxiously expecting and others that took us by surprise.

Christmas Day 01 Christmas Day 02I was so glad our chocolates didn’t melt overnight in the family room!

Christmas Day 03 

Even Tabbi wanted to help

Christmas Day 15

But I’m not sure she was very excited about her gift… :o)

Christmas Day 04

Will got Legos (not a surprise) :o)

Christmas Day 37

Chris and I got a new camera from Santa. While I was totally surprised, Chris was not and made me open it right away so I could take the rest of our Christmas morning pictures with it!

Christmas Day 08Chris took a picture of me taking my last picture with our old camera

Christmas Day 09 

Christmas Day 05

Christmas Day 16

Christmas Day 26

Zack got new computer speakers (I’m pretty sure he was surprised)

 Christmas Day 06

Christmas Day 07Christmas Day 10Christmas Day 12Will got a camo coat and I’m surprised by how much he likes it!

Christmas Day 11   

Despite the really great wrapping job, I’m pretty sure Chris was surprised when he opened his 15 pound splitting maul.

Christmas Day 19

But Andy was probably equally unsurprised by his 15 pound weight once I set the gift bag on his lap… :o)

Christmas Day 13

I love the boys’ choice of gift tags!

Christmas Day 14

I’m hoping for no more surprises when I arrive at a potluck thanks to a new crock pot with a sealing lid!

Christmas Day 17

Looking for more gifts under the tree…

Christmas Day 18

Now Zack will be all safe with his new muffs and goggles!

Christmas Day 20

Christmas Day 21We were able to wrap up Andy with the paper from Chris’ sawhorses

Christmas Day 22 

Christmas Day 23I was not surprised that I got felt but I CAN’T WAIT to make all sorts of fun stuff with it!!!

Christmas Day 24 

I am sure that Will will take some surprising pictures with his new camera…

Christmas Day 25

Andy likes his new survival knife!

Christmas Day 27

Zack was TOTALLY surprised by his real handcuffs! I’m surprised I haven’t had to deal with more handcuff incidents… Well, I did see someone handcuffed after church on Sunday. LOL

Christmas Day 28

As you can see, Chris was pleasantly surprised by his new rubber mallet! We lost his old one somewhere…

Christmas Day 29

I’m looking forward to our new devotional for 2011!

Christmas Day 30

Chris was not surprised by his new computer writing pad, but I was not about to pick that out. :o)

Christmas Day 35

I’m not sure Andy was surprised that he got the new Force Unleashed. But I was REALLY surprised that he beat the whole game by Sunday evening!!!

Then came the big moment that I’d been waiting for all month long… The boys’ gift from Santa!

Christmas Day 31Christmas Day 32They threw aside the newspaper to reveal a box of Disney fruit snacks…

The most surprising part was that Zack was actually convinced that Santa had given them a box of fruit snacks for Christmas! What kind of parents does he think we are???

Thankfully, William was not convinced and knew there had to be more in the box… So he kept on digging and found

Christmas Day 33   Disneyland brochures!!!

Yes, we are taking all the boys to Disneyland in January!!! We are so EXCITED and they were definitely SURPRISED!!!

Christmas Day 34 Guess what we’ll be eating on the drive down??? :o)

After the presents were all opened at done with, we relaxed for a bit before heading south to my parents’ for Christmas dinner.

Christmas Day 36While we had a great time being down with family for Christmas, Chris and I spent most of the time frantically trying to find a hotel with vacancies for our Disneyland trip. Unfortunately, we chose the week of a huge convention in Anaheim and all the hotels were booked… Fortunately, we serve a big and good God who provided us with the PERFECT accommodations just as we were beginning to give up hope!

Christmas Day 44 Christmas Day 40 Christmas Day 41 Christmas Day 42 Christmas Day 43   Looking at pictures!

We had a truly wonderful and very blessed Christmas! But I think the next two weeks are going to be VERY LONG!!!