Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bible Smugglers

Friday night our friends the McNews hosted a family overnight Bible Smugglers party. There were about 70 people there to play and visit.

more Bible smugglers 04 Chris visiting with Brian and Monty

more Bible smugglers 09

everyone’s cars and the view

more Bible smugglers 10

We set up our tents, had a hot dog roast and played Bible Smugglers! Most everyone was involved in some way or another. About 35 kids from ages 8 to 18 played and the grown-ups were the “churches”, “jailers” and “Bible hander-outers?”.

more Bible smugglers 07

Bible smugglers 01 setting up the “grown up” section of camp (very far away from the kids section of camp)

more Bible smugglers 03

heading up the hill to HQ

more Bible smugglers 05

more Bible smugglers 06

getting ready (because you always need a big machete to be ready)

more Bible smugglers 15

at the top

Bible smugglers 02

more Bible smugglers 11

more Bible smugglers 08

more Bible smugglers 16 

Bible smugglers 03

having supper

Bible smugglers 04more Bible smugglers 01

Sheri helps with the camo

Bible smugglers 05

Bible smugglers 06

so did Dana

Bible smugglers 07

Bible smugglers 08

Tony (my favorite 8-year-old smuggler) looks for his cup in the cup box

Bible smugglers 13

more Bible smugglers 13

Bible smugglers 09

Bible smugglers 10 

Bible smugglers 11

Bible smugglers 12

rallying the troops

more Bible smugglers 12

getting last minute instructions

They played 3 rounds until 11:00pm! It was so fun to watch them come back all out of breath and excited, get more Bibles and head back out to avoid capture and deliver God’s Word. The best part was watching all the kids play together!

more Bible smugglers 02

When we headed to bed, the clouds were just beginning to roll in and cover up the starlit sky. And at about 3:30am, we awoke to the sound of rain hitting the tent. By morning everything was soaking wet, but we enjoyed a cozy breakfast of steel cut oats, banana muffins and hard boiled eggs.

more Bible smugglers 14

Bible smugglers 14Bible smugglers 15  Inara and the boys eating breakfast

Bible smugglers 17

Bible smugglers 18

the boys built a fire in the rain

Bible smugglers 19

packing up the wet tent 

It was a great time and we are looking forward to our next Bible Smuggling adventure!

Bible smugglers 20well, maybe not this part of it…

Youth Group Garage Sale

Despite my decision to “not bring anything new home”, I did come home from this year’s garage sale with a few goodies. But some of them I actually needed and everything is put away in it’s home, so that makes it ok, right?

Here are a couple of shots of the sale…

YG garage sale 01 Lily being cute

YG garage sale 03

Zack and Lily both being cute

YG garage sale 02

We actually got rid of quite a bit of stuff despite the rain on Saturday morning. The last hour of the sale, we put up the “FREE” sign!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Farming, Food, Faith and Fun At The Fair

This year we took a day off from school to head to Puyallup to the Western Washington State Fair. We went a few years ago and decided it was time to go back. Oh, and the Newsboys were playing Thursday night… :o)

WA state fair 01 the Gold Gate

WA state fair 04

the fairgrounds

God blessed us with perfect weather and lots of fun! There was lots to see and lots of cool junk that we didn’t buy. (Not that we weren’t tempted…)

We like looking at all the different collections, hobbies, produce displays, crafts and animals. Well… some of them I enjoy more than the others. All that country atmosphere really inspires the “farmwife” in me!

WA state fair 02the hitch and horseshoe turtle

WA state fair 03 

one of our favorite photographs titled “Lunch on the Road” (taken in ND)

WA state fair 05

WA State Patrol drug dog demonstration

WA state fair 06

Glad ours didn’t get that big! :o)

WA state fair 07

the guys and the giant pumpkin contest

WA state fair 08

this year’s winner was an all-time record breaker!

WA state fair 09

I love all the displays from the different counties

 WA state fair 10

Lego displays (the boys need to enter someday)

WA state fair 11

a huge Lone Ranger collection

WA state fair 12

this Speed (aka Lightning McQueen) collection picture is for our godson JD

WA state fair 13

a working wooden tractor model

WA state fair 14

nothing says Christmas like poker LOL

WA state fair 15

Zack gets one step closer to the tattoo he wants

WA state fair 16


WA state fair 17

the chainsaw guy carving a sign

WA state fair 18

baby goats

WA state fair 19

WA state fair 20just some of the 13 baby pigs that she had the day before

WA state fair 21 

I love this Swiss Brown cow

WA state fair 22

outside the World Vision African village

WA state fair 23

WA state fair 24 the boys try grinding corn

WA state fair 25

it’s the John Deere store

WA state fair 27

WA state fair 26

WA state fair 28

I really want a scarecrow like this!

All I have to do is find someone who can weld…

WA state fair 29

watching “Al’s Brain” a 3D movie about the human brain with Weird Al Yankovic

WA state fair 30

they even let us touch a real human brain afterwards

WA state fair 31

baby chicks that hatched the day before

WA state fair 32

draft horses

WA state fair 33

we did have a great day!

WA state fair 34

me and the ashtray Chris won for me at the dime toss!

WA state fair 41

the craft hall (I love this place!)

WA state fair 43

so many gorgeous things

WA state fair 42

this quilt was the Grand Champion

WA state fair 44

this cake was definitely too cute to eat

On the other hand,  we all enjoyed the traditional foods (hot scones, cotton candy, shaved ice, funnel cakes, and caramel apples) and some new and funky ones as well.

WA state fair 35making scones

WA state fair 36 

Zack and I had our supper here

WA state fair 37

the day’s special sampler plate (clockwise from upper left corner): deep fried pickle, deep fried Oreo, deep fried frog leg, deep fried chocolate chip cookie dough. Mmmmm!!!!

The best part of all was the Newsboys concert at the Grandstand! We were all a bit apprehensive about Michael Tait and were feeling a bit reminiscent about Peter. It doesn’t seem like the Newsboys without the bald white guy with eyeliner. :o) But God is good and He has truly blessed their choice of a new lead singer! They ROCKED!!! I immediately felt good about the change when Michael Tait opened the concert in prayer. The whole concert was very fun and very God-centered! Who says worshipping God is boring??? And being a former DCTalk member meant it was a bit like being at both a Newsboys concert and a DCTalk concert at the same time. It’s pretty cool to sing both “Breakfast” and “Jesus Freak” at the same show!

WA state fair 38getting ready for the concert

WA state fair 39 

WA state fair 40

the guys on “Stage B”