Monday, April 28, 2008

Spring Break Day Seven

Day six of our Spring Break was both a Sunday and Zack's 15th birthday. (check out the Happy Birthday Zack! post below) Sundays are a crazy day, so we celebrated Zack's birthday today.
Zack decided that for his birthday outing, he wanted to take our bikes out on the trail near our co-op church. We loaded up the bikes and headed out. The trail was nice but short.

airing up the tires

the trail winds along a little creek

We'd had so much fun that we decided to take the bikes over to Lake Sacagawea and ride the trail around the lake. We've always wanted to but never done it.

By the time we were done, we had biked about 3 miles. We were pretty hungry, so we hit the Sizzler for all-you-can-eat salad, appetizer and dessert bar for an early supper.

To cap off a full week, we did some much needed work around the yard and washed our very dirty van.

Now it's back to the real world tomorrow...

Spring Break Day Five

We spent the night in Portland because Saturday morning was our District Annual Meeting at the church in Portland.

While we were at the meeting, the boys went with Grandpa on the river to try out our new boat. Well, it's my brother's old boat that my dad bought for the motor. We put our old boat's motor on it and now we have a new boat. It was kind of cold and windy but it was nice and sunny.

out on the river

bringing the boat home

After the meeting we went to lunch with my grandma, picked up the boat and headed home to meet Dr. Nordtvedt. He stayed with us on Saturday night so he could worship at our church in the morning. We had such a nice time getting to visit with him again. Next time we hope that MaryBeth will be able to come, too.

Spring Break Day Four

We headed to Portland on Friday for our family birthday party for Amy's husband Greg, Zack and me. Amy was nice enough to have it at her house since my mom was still not feeling better. We went early and spent time with them before the party. Amy and I even had time to make a couple of blankets and burp pads. I sewed them and Amy crocheted the edge on them. Check them out at our Etsy store. (I forgot to take pictures of them) They are so cute! She did a great job on them.

We had lots of fun at the party and we were so excited because we all chipped in and bought Zack what he has wanted and talked about every day for the past 3 months, an electric guitar! He was so good! Greg and I opened all our gifts and all Zack got was cards, empty cards. He even thanked people for the cards he got even though he didn't know he had gotten a gift. We were pretty proud of him! Needless to say, he was thrilled when he saw the big box and realized why his aunt's card said "Hope you have a rockin' birthday!"

Spring Break Day Three

God blessed us on Thursday with a day without rain. We were able to poke around the shops in town and even spend some time on the beach. I got some more sewing done and the boys played at the gym. Before heading to bed, we played a game of Pit. (good thing we didn't have any neighbors) LOL

the road through town

playing with the marble works at the toy store

our favorite candy store (the taffy is perfect!)

getting ready to hit the beach

the boys have fun with the stunt kite

Will and I made a sand guitar

the boys made a dirt bike track

Spring Break Day Two

We woke up to sunshine early Wednesday morning and the boys and I decided to take a walk to the tidepools at Haystack Rock during low tide.

Haystack Rock at really low tide

Unfortunately, the sun didn't last and it started to rain about halfway there. It's about a 25 minute walk on the beach to the Rock. We trudged on hopeful to explore the rocks and see some sealife. Apparently it was even too miserable for little ocean animals, because the tidepools were all empty. We were pretty disappointed, but even more wet. Thankfully, we were able to call Chris and he came to pick us up on the other side of town.

it doesn't really express how miserable they were

But the wet weather didn't get us down. We spent the afternoon drying our clothes and shoes and playing at the Conference Center gym.

playing carpet ball

Charlie loved mini-golf!

Maggie didn't feel well all day and after supper Amy headed back home to Portland. We were sad to see them leave.

After they left, we checked out the fire department burning down a beach house up the street, the boys went back to the gym to play in the community basketball game, I sewed for a while, (you can check out my sewing adventures at my Wee Little Things blog), went to ice cream and went to bed.

Spring Break Day One

This last week we took our Spring Break. With Friday School done and Easter over, we were ready for some time away.

My grandma arranged for a family vacation at Cannon Beach. Unfortunately, she hurt her back and was unable to come and my mom got sick and couldn't come either. :o( But my sister and our niece and nephew were able to come for the week.

Thankfully the rain held off while we unpacked the cars and went to explore a bit.

a beautiful spot at the Cannon Beach Conference Center

walking on the beach

Charlie finally did it! (he was really afraid of the sand)

The day started out well, but ended with Amy and I taking Maggie into the ER in Seaside for a double ear infection. Poor Maggie was pretty miserable.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Zack!

Today Zack turned 15!

Looking back over his past birthdays, I realized how much his interests have changed over the years...

on his birth day his only interest was Mommy (it didn't last long)

at 1 it was trucks

at 2 it was talking on the phone (that REALLY didn't last long)

then it was slides at 3

swimming at 4

fishing at 5

at 6 it was ice cream (well really just food, and that one hasn't ended yet)

Star Wars was a favorite at 7 (he still likes it)

he loved his scooter at age 8

he may never outgrow his love for Legos (age 9)

he got new wheels when he turned 10 (green bikes are still his favorites)

every boy needs a dog when they turn 11

going to Alaska at 12 (he wants to go back someday)

at age 13, it was all about football (he still dreams of playing pro)

model Ferraris are as close as he gets to a real one at 14 (he really wants one someday, thus the dream of playing pro football)
now it's all about electric guitars....
I wonder what's next. Will it be cars??? Or girls???
Hope you had a great birthday, Zack! We love you! ROCK ON!!!!!