Thursday, February 23, 2012

Family Flashback- Surprise Danny & Chris

Today is our friend Danny’s birthday. Saturday is Chris’ birthday. Eleven years ago, I threw a surprise birthday party for both of them… They were late! But we had fun just the same. All the kids on the Servant Teams and the Lee family came to celebrate with us. Great times and great memories! I can’t believe the only pictures I took were of the cake…

02.23.01 - Birthday Table 02.23.01 - Birthday cake up close Happy Birthday Danny and Chris! Hope this year is just as fun!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Cannon Beach Vacation 2012

This year we went on our vacation a bit later than usual. It takes a bit of adjusting to having to work around so many schedules now. But we found a weekend and made it work…

Thankfully, Andy and Will were feeling better from being sick earlier in the week!

We spent a restful few days doing all the things we love doing when we go to Cannon Beach!

Relaxing in the room, playing games and watching movies:

cannon beach 12 cannon beach 11Going to the gym to play battle tops, pool, carpet ball and mini golf. Oh, and having ice cream at the Coach House.

cannon beach 17 cannon beach 13 cannon beach 14 cannon beach 15 cannon beach 16  Exploring Cannon Beach. This year we bummed around Seaside, too!

cannon beach 21 cannon beach 19 cannon beach 20The weather wasn’t ideal. The first night a real whopper of a storm blew through and knocked out the power. But it improved enough to spend some time on the beach. Zack even did a bit of skim boarding while the rest of us played frisbee or poked around the tide pools at Haystack Rock!

cannon beach 18cannon beach 32 cannon beach 22 cannon beach 23 cannon beach 24 cannon beach 25 cannon beach 26 cannon beach 27 cannon beach 28 cannon beach 29 cannon beach 30 cannon beach 31 Then before we headed home, we took a detour south to Tillamook for a stop at the cheese factory. Yum!cannon beach 36 cannon beach 33 cannon beach 34 cannon beach 35As always, it was a great getaway and just what we needed to recoup a bit before heading back to real life once again!