Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy 21st Birthday, Zack

Today my oldest son turns 21! Wow! Where did the time go? He was only 9 days old when I turned 21.

We celebrated on Saturday by seeing Captain America 2 and going out to dinner. But we did gifts on Sunday afternoon...

zack bday 01 He went with the little gift first.

zack bday 02A flask! William & Andrew decided it was the perfect gift for a 21 year old. A perfect gag gift... LOL

zack bday 03

Obviously I was still thinking about camping because I suggested his brother’s get him some camping gear. Perfect! A lantern and a cooler set…

zack bday 06 zack bday 04 zack bday 05

Our gift was a bit harder to see. His UTAH CWP class…

zack bday 08 zack bday 07

We love you and hope your 21st year is filled with joy and all that God has for you!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy Easter & Birthday

This year for Easter my dad made a new sign for church. We put it out, prayed and waited to see what would happen…

sign 01 What happened??? People came! We had many new visitors on Easter Sunday. We had over 25 kids for our egg hunt! I was hoping to take pics but I was too busy running around getting everything together and organized. What a great problem to have! We are now praying for future ministry opportunities and the Gospel to do its work!

Once again the Easter cross was more beautiful than the year before! (But we always say that…) This year we were afraid there wouldn’t be any flowers with the early blooming season. We were wrong! We had so many, Kathy was able to fill the back of the cross, too!

easter 06easter 07It’s hard to believe this is our 10th Easter cross family picture!

easter 05 easter 03 easter 04After church we went home, grabbed our stuff and drove south to Portland to celebrate Easter and April birthdays: Zack, Greg & Stella.

There was an egg hunt for the little ones…

 easter 08 easter 09 easter 10 easter 11 easter 12   

easter 13

checking out their loot

Everyone wanted a chance to hold Baby Emily…

easter 26 easter 14 easter 15 easter 16 easter 17 easter 18 Everyone brought their helicopters for chopper wars. Thanks to Jonathon and Theresa, Zack was able to join in the fun!

easter 25 the kids threw plastic eggs at the copters to try and hit them


easter 22 easter 23 easter 24Will to the rescue!

Stella had a mermaid beach cake and everyone else had pie…

easter 21 easter 20  easter 31 easter 27 easter 28 easter 29 easter 30Happy Birthday and Happy Easter!