Thursday, March 29, 2012

Family Flashback – Old Tucson 2000

We bought our tent trailer just a few days before Thanksgiving of 2000. So for her maiden voyage, we took a trip south to Tucson for the Thanksgiving weekend. The campgrounds close during the summer around Phoenix. (Weird!) But the weather was perfect for camping in late November!

11.24.00 - Camping in Benson We arrived at camp on Thanksgiving Day. I had totally prepared our turkey dinner so it would be easily cooked on a campstove. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get our camp stove to work. Instead we drove into town and had dinner at Sheri’s. A pretty late dinner…

After dinner, we all were ready for bed. Thankfully, the trailer had super comfy beds!

11.23.00 - boys in trailer bed

11.23.00 - Will in trailer bed 2 11.23.00 - Andy in trailer bedThe next day we got the stove fixed and enjoyed our gourmet turkey dinner a bit late…

11.25.00 - Thanksgiving Dinner 2000 The following day, we spent the day at Old Tucson Studios. It was built in 1939 for filming westerns and was just a fun place to visit! We were just in time to see all their holiday preparations, too!

11.25.00 - The Last Outpost11.00 Boys with Cowboys Almost immediately we ran upon this gun fight in the street. But even the “bad guy” posed for a picture with the boys! ;o)

12.05.00 - Old Tucson Scenery

11.00 - Boys in Canoecanoe ride

12.05.00 - ZAW behind rock wall 

11.25.00 - ZA in car

Zack gets to drive! He’s always been a very good driver…

12.05.00 - CZAW in Old Tucson

12.05.00 - MZAW in old Tucson close

12.05.00 - Andy on Horse

pony rides

12.05.00 - ZAW in train waving

waving goodbye before they head out on their train ride

12.5.00 - ZAW silly in train

and one silly shot before they leave…

After dark, the lights came on and everything looked so pretty and festive!

12.05.00 - Tree at Old Tucson12.05.00 - MZAW by tree in TucsonAnd then we knew it was time to end our day. It was the perfect ending of a perfect vacation! Sometimes I really miss that trailer… so many fun memories!