Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas Is Here

Christmas arrives at the Leingang house the day after Thanksgiving complete with decorations, cookies and music. Here’s a look at our place this year…

Christmas decor 03 Christmas decor 01 Christmas decor 02

Christmas decor 17 Christmas decor 04 Christmas decor 05 Christmas decor 06 Christmas decor 07 Christmas decor 08 Christmas decor 09 Christmas decor 10 Christmas decor 11 Christmas decor 12 Christmas decor 13 Christmas decor 14 Christmas decor 15 Christmas decor 16

But the piese de resistance is the outside. Zack has spent the last 7 months planning out the outside Christmas lights this year, using the new light show program he got for his birthday. He did a pretty great job!!! If you get the chance, you should drive by and see it…

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Original Gingerbread

Again this year, the boys helped me decorate the gingerbread. And when you let teenage boys have free creative license, you never know what you’ll get… :o)

2009 gingerbread 04

2009 gingerbread 05

at first glance they look pretty much like your standard cookies…

2009 gingerbread 01

but then there’s “angry snowman”

2009 gingerbread 03

gunshot snowman”

2009 gingerbread 02

and our personal favorite “reindeer skeleton”

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Presentation Nite

Last night was our co-op’s Presentation Nite. I had a table set up for my 3 classes (WWI, Dangerous Class for Boys and Writing Made Easy & Fun), but forgot to take any pictures of it. :o(  But I did take pictures of the boys and their band playing. They did FM Static’s “Take Me As I Am”. They did a fantastic job! In fact the whole evening went really well and pretty fast, too!

Pres Nite band 01

Pres Nite band 02

you can barely see Andy in the back on the drums

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Family Harvest Party

This year’s Harvest Party was lots of fun and a big success, but seemed very strange without Zack and Andy there. They really wanted to be but just weren’t feeling up to it quite yet. But even though we were down some of our helpers, God still provided. No surprise!!!

We had quite a few members there to help, the youth group came to help run games, and some of our dear friends from our homeschool group came as well.

I want to thank all those who took pictures that I could steal off Facebook. I didn’t get to take any this year.

harvest party 19Macy and Nate (the very cute turtle)

harvest party 2 

Kevin and Falynne play golf

harvest party 3

Kate and her girls

harvest party 8

Walt and Peter

harvest party 10

Kevin got himself a very cute pumpkin

harvest party 13

and he takes a try at the ping-pong toss

harvest party 14

mmmm! candy!!!

harvest party 15

Kevin takes a turn at running Tic-Tac-Toe

harvest party 16

Joey makes a cute pumpkin, too!

harvest party 18

but I’m not sure how he feels about fishing???

harvest party 17

Nate loved fishing, golf and his candy

harvest party  11

Dave is a great “scarecrow” again this year (Will said it won’t be the same after he’s in seminary. I suggested Will should take over, but he doesn’t think he can sit that long…) Will’s right, it won’t be the same without him.

harvest party 9

harvest party 12making crafts

harvest party 4 

harvest party 5harvest party 6harvest party 7and just in case you didn’t get enough candy playing games, there’s always more out trunk-r-treating!

I also want to say a big huge thank you to all those who stayed to help clean up afterwards. We could not have done it without your help!!!