Saturday, March 30, 2013

Egg Day

Today was probably the most gorgeous Egg Day we’ve had EVER! It was sunny and 75!!! We spent most of the day out doing yard work for the first time in 2013…

But I also managed to make an extra-large egg bake for church in the morning:

egg day 02 I also made lots of Jello eggs but I didn’t bother with a picture. They always look pretty much the same…

I am so glad to have pretty little brown eggs to decorate again this year! I just love the way they turn out!

egg day 01 I only did a dozen this year. The boys are sadly outgrowing the joys of coloring Easter eggs… But they did have fun with them!

egg day 03egg day 04See! They turned out pretty great!

egg day 14 egg day 05 egg day 06 egg day 07 egg day 08 egg day 09 egg day 10 egg day 11 egg day 12 egg day 13I love Egg Day!

egg day 15I also decided that Egg Day needed its own dessert. So I whipped up a batch of coconut filled cupcakes after supper…

egg day 16Happy Egg Day!!!    

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Family Flashback- Newsboys Video Stars

Our friend, Laura, posted this video on Facebook on a trip she was taking down Memory Lane. When we were her youth leaders in Portland, we took some of the kids and our two boys to the Christian Supply store to be in this music video…

Watch for our group at 4:22. They jammed us all in this room, the guys came in, taught us the dance, they filmed us doing the dance, then we all waited in line so they could sign autographs for everyone there! We waited for almost three hours and there were only about 10 people behind us in line. Andy fell asleep on Chris’ back…

newsboys 03

Unlike when we went to see Amy Grant and Michael W Smith, there were no bodyguards shoving us through the line, telling us not to talk to them. Even after 3 hours of signing, they were still excited to see us. Peter wrote a personal message to Zack on his video cover and posed for a picture…

newsboys 01When Andy got to Duncan (the drummer) and told him that Andy wanted to be him when he grew up. Duncan stopped the whole line and told the rest of the guys that “this kid wants to be ME when he grows up!” Needless to say, this made the rest of the band laugh! (notice Jody Davis pointing at Andy and smiling…) But Andy did grow up to be a drummer…

newsboys 02 I met Duncan again two years ago while working in the admin office at Creation Fest. I told him the story of Andy meeting him, wanting to be just like him when he grew up and that he did, in fact, become a drummer in our church worship band. Then, breaking every single rule, Duncan signed an autograph for me to give to Andy! Yeah, it was worth getting in trouble for, although I had no idea it was against the rules when I did it…

Needless to say, the Newsboys are still one of this momma’s favorite bands ever!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sauvie Island Lighthouse

Chris had the week off last week and we didn’t get to do one fun thing with just the 5 of us… Grading papers and cleaning out the garage don’t really count as fun. Going out with friends was fun but the boys didn’t get to go. The birthday party was super fun but we really wanted to do something as a family.

When we woke up on Sunday morning, the sun was shining and we decided to go and enjoy the glorious day out of doors!

But where to go??? When you don’t know what to do you just ask Google… A lighthouse on Sauvie Island??? We had no idea there was even one there just a mere 3.5 mile hike out to the point.

So we went and checked it out. Not the most scenic or exciting hike we’ve ever been on but it was pretty and the day was so nice for early March!

The trail started out on the beach… thankfully, not the “clothing optional” beach! I don’t know if we’ll be coming again in the summer??? ;o)

 hike 01 hike 02 hike 03

The lighthouse is WAY out there on the point!

hike 04 hike 05 hike 06

hike 07

There was some interesting stuff on the beach to see

Then the trail headed off into the trees… and mud!

hike 12 hike 08 hike 10 hike 11 The boys ran ahead most of the time. But at one point we were confronted by 3 Knights Who Say “Ni”. They are so silly!

Then we made it to the actual lighthouse and what was probably the caretaker’s house…

hike 13William said it was the whimpiest lighthouse he’d ever seen.

hike 23 hike 20 hike 21 hike 22 The caretaker’s house was kind of neat. I wonder what it looked like when it was new???

hike 19 hike 14 hike 15 hike 16 hike 17 hike 18  William got some shots while we were out but I haven’t gotten to see them yet…

hike 24Hiking 7 miles makes one hungry! So we stopped at this great little restaurant in St Helens, The Klondike. It was so good! We’ll be going there again soon!!!

hike 26

Sunday, March 3, 2013

February Birthdays

Yesterday we celebrated Chris and Grandma’s birthdays down at my parents’ place. As always, it was a fun celebration but we missed the Dorrs again this month… :o(

Happy Birthday, Chris and Grandma!

 birthday 01

Ada helped decorate and candle the cakes…

birthday 02 birthday 03

Then we lit the candles for blowing out and singing…

birthday 04

Olive loved the candles!

birthday 05