Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Yup! It’s Still Winter

It’s hard to believe that less than 24 hours ago, we were on a sunny beach with only a vest on and were not cold…

first snow  01

first snow  02

first snow  03

Everything looks so much prettier in the snow! But it’s already stopped and isn’t supposed to last… :o(

Monday, December 28, 2009

Isn’t It Still Winter???

Today was such a gorgeous day that we decided to head west to the coast. The Astoria Column is open again so we hit there first. One hundred and sixty-four stairs don’t sound like that many, but it feels like TONS! Will didn’t make it all the way up, he doesn’t like heights, but he enjoyed the view from the parking lot (which is still beautiful)!

Astoria  01 Astoria  02 Astoria  03Astoria  04Astoria  05Astoria  06the guy who took our pic told us to say “whiskey”, it seemed kinda weird but it worked!

Astoria 2  01

I love this shadow pic

Astoria  07    

that’s Chris and Will down there (yeah, those tiny specks in the corner of the square)

Astoria  08

and that dark blue speck to the left of the gift shop is our van… :o)

Astoria  09

looking up the steps from the bottom

Astoria  10

Will’s checking out the map

Astoria  11

those two tiny specks waving up there are Chris and Andy

Then we headed south to Seaside to walk the shops and see the ocean. The beach was perfect! Sunny and no wind… we’ve been on the Oregon coast in July when it was colder than today!!!

Astoria  12Astoria  13Astoria  14Astoria  15the fog on the beach was so cool

Astoria  16    

we could see the moon all day

Astoria  17

Astoria  18 Astoria  19

Astoria  20

that tiny speck is the Astoria Column lit up for Christmas

After all the walking and exploring a really cool thrift store in town, we went to the Pig N Pancake for supper. The halibut fish and chips were fantastic!!!

All in all, it was a lovely day!

Family Christmas Take Three

Sunday we had Chris’ side of the family come for family Christmas. Tom, Ben, Leslie and Chris’ friend Mark all came on Saturday, spent the night and came to church in the morning. Then after church, Cindi and Dennis joined the celebration.

family christmas 3 01 family christmas 3 02 It was so nice seeing everyone again (we missed family Christmas last year). In fact, we gave some people last year’s gifts plus this year’s gifts, too. LOL

family christmas 3 03

nice Santa hat Tom!

family christmas 3 04

family christmas 3 05

Leslie got a Snugglie

family christmas 3 06

family christmas 3 07

No Ben, it’s not a DVD player…

family christmas 3 08

it’s a Storm Trooper hoodie

family christmas 3 09

What did Cindi and Dennis get?

family christmas 3 10

Santa Ninja!

family christmas 3 11

family christmas 3 12

RC cars!

family christmas 3 13

We got lots of great gifts, ate more wonderful food and enjoyed having the company! Mark even spent another night and we spent Sunday evening watching “GI Joe”.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

We Celebrate the Day

Christmas this year was a wonderful celebration of Christ’s birth! We pray that we would celebrate it every day in our hearts and in our lives!

christmas day 01

Again, I didn’t take hardly any pictures. Still too busy having fun!!!

Since we all had a late night, and no one is 5 anymore, we started out Christmas Day by sleeping in a bit! We made some hot cocoa and cracked open our stockings first.

christmas day 02christmas day 03Zack took video footage of his stocking

christmas day 04  

christmas day 05

no time like the present to try out Will’s new flint (or better place for that matter) LOL

This Christmas it was pretty hard to pick our favorite gifts. There were so many great ones! The boys were excited about their BB pistols and took them out right away to shoot up my broccoli in the garden… :o)

christmas day 06 now Will can go treasure hunting with his new metal detector

christmas day 07

Chris can now “feel human again” (according to the box)

christmas day 08

Zack can now take 300 minutes of video and…

christmas day 09

listen to music in peace

christmas day 10

this is as close to a white Christmas as we got this year

christmas day 11

Andy has to see which drumsticks he likes best

christmas day 12

Betsy loves her new toy (thanks Ella)

christmas day 13 

christmas day 14

With all the delicious leftovers from Christmas Eve, we enjoyed a really yummy breakfast with no work!!!

Then after a relaxing morning and early afternoon, we headed south to Portland for Christmas Dinner at Grandpa and Grandma’s. We made a stop on the way to check out the new shelter at the creek and to show off the new guns to Grandpa.

  christmas day 15 christmas day 16the shelter is ready for the fireplace

christmas day 18

nobody would stand next to it for a picture this time… :o)

christmas day 17

christmas day 19christmas day 20the creek isn’t as clear since the cement truck lost it’s brakes on the hill and fell into Deep Creek

Mom hosted Christmas dinner yet again this year. Frank, Amy, Ada,  Theresa, Grandma Ide, Aunt Kackie, Dennis, Nancy and Bethany were all there to help us celebrate.

christmas day 21 

christmas day 22 I love these pictures of Ada

Grandma Ide gave me two blasts from the past this year. One was a bird Christmas tree ornament I made in the first grade. The other was a stack of retro Christmas cards. I put the cards out as soon as I got home! I can’t wait to think of something fun to do with the rest that she’s giving me!!! Thanks Grandma!

christmas day 27christmas day 28christmas day 29christmas day 30christmas day 31 christmas day 32

No staying up late last night. We went in the hot tub, the boys messed around a bit with their new stuff, we set up our new airbed by the Christmas tree (in 3 and a half minutes). And then I crashed for the night right there in front of the Christmas tree for our annual Christmas tree sleep-over!

christmas day 26christmas day 23christmas day 24christmas day 25 testing the bed to see if it’s ok

Yup! It’s good!