Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shower for Susie and Lily

Today Sonja and I threw a baby shower at church for Susie and Lily. It was lots of fun to make decorations, make her quilt, play games and visit with the ladies from church. And of course it's always fun to look at all the cute little baby things!

Sonja made delicious mini-cheesecakes!

JD got a new ball from Aunt Sandy

Dena and Lily

Judy and Elaina made this pretty scrapbook frame

I made a couple of bibs with the extra quilt fabric

Susie and Lily

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Chris

Yesterday was a very busy birthday for Chris. He started it out by sleeping in, having breakfast and opening presents. Two of his gifts he bought himself and the other was too big to wrap. I hope it wasn't too anticlimatic. (it was 51 in the morning when we woke up)

a new watch (that he bought for himself on sale the day before)
Guess what it is Dad!
new slippers he bought for himself at an after-Christmas sale
(yes, I am feeling kind of lame now)

In the afternoon, Chris and I met for lunch at the hotel downtown. We had a nice quiet date and enjoyed the break in our busy day. (it was rainy, windy and 46 when I walked to the hotel)

Unfortunately, I wasn't thinking clearly and scheduled a parish ed board meeting for the evening. Duh! And then, praise team practice went late... Not exactly a fun way to spend your birthday. (on the way to church the temp dropped 3 degrees to 36!)

But it got better when we got home. Since it had snowed we went in the hottub, we love the hot tub in the snow! Then we had milk and giant chocolate chip cookie! Yum! (when we got home there was already snow on the ground)
the boys' evil mini-snowman

it takes a lot of fire to light all those candles



Will must have thought Dad needed help at his age

Then we woke up to this... BEAUTIFUL!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Remembering Hawaii

Today my parents brought over all the 1100 + pictures from their trip to Hawaii. It was fun to look at them all and hear about all the stuff they did!

Here are just a few in no particular order... it was really hard to choose!

visiting the crater at 10,000 feet

at the luau

he's not quite sure about the poi

the guy in the background made that fish out of grass

feeding koi

on the train at the sugar plantation

one of the many humpbacks they saw

this stand boasts the "best banana bread in the world"
and it was still warm when they ate it!

the Grand Canyon of Hawaii

Will and the pig

playing in the surf

all ready for dress-up night

the Cadillac Diner on the ship

the Ocean Center (Will loved this place!)

the Woody (grandpa loved this car!)

a banyan tree

enjoying the hot tub at night

they put candles in his cake for his birthday but
wouldn't light them
(there are strict rules against any kind of fire on ships)

the pool at the stern

USS Arizona memorial

Pearl Harbor

sunset from their hotel in Honolulu

Waikiki Beach with DiamondHead in the background

arriving in Hawaii
a HUGE banyan tree!
more fish at the Ocean Center

waiting to leave at the Portland airport