Thursday, July 30, 2009

On The Waterfront

Yesterday we went up to Seattle for a family meeting and decided to spend a bit of time at the waterfront first. Not only is it a fun place to visit, but it was about 20 degrees cooler there. That was a great bonus on a day when Seattle broke an all-time heat record with a daytime high of 102!

Seattle waterfront 01 checking out the map

Seattle waterfront 02

this fountain looked so inviting on a hot day

Seattle waterfront 03

but we decided to just take a picture instead

Seattle waterfront 04

and throw some pennies in it

We also wandered through some of the great shops and bought some Christmas presents!

Seattle waterfront 05 I loved this shop and could have spent TONS of money there!

Seattle waterfront 06

the boys liked this warning at Ye Old Curiosity Shoppe

Seattle waterfront 07

they also had Jake the Alligator Man’s cousin Larry there

Just before we left we watched the show the Coast Guard fireboats were putting on from the pier. We were also able to see the Navy ships coming in for SeaFair this weekend.

Seattle waterfront 08Seattle waterfront 09Seattle waterfront 10Seattle waterfront 12  Seattle waterfront 11Seattle waterfront 13

there were helicopters, too

Seattle waterfront 14

It was a very nice day and it was wonderful to finally see family and give them their Christmas gifts. It was Christmas in July. But better late than never, right? :o)

Playin’ In The Creek

When we got back from Creation to pick up Betsy from Grandpa and Grandma, we headed down to their property on the creek to cool off. With all the hot weather we’d had, the water was pretty low. But there was still enough to be refreshing and float down a little ways on the air mattress… barely. So the boys spent some time clearing out the channel so they could get a little further.

Deep Creek 01 getting the air mattress ready

Deep Creek 02 

that one might be a bit too big for skipping…

Deep Creek 03

it’s almost ready

Deep Creek 04

heading up creek

Deep Creek 05

William’s heading on down

Deep Creek 06

Deep Creek 07

Deep Creek 08

clearing the channel

The big attraction though was watching the “tubers” heading down the Clackamas River. In the short time we were there we must have seen hundreds of people taking the trip downriver in just about every “craft” imaginable: from inner tubes to rubber rafts to logs. It was actually quite entertaining!

Deep Creek 09

Deep Creek 10

Deep Creek 11 We can’t wait to head down some weekend and go camping down there in our trailer!!! Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Creation 2009

Here are some of the Memorable Moments from our trip to Creation NW…

*discovering that the camping gates opened at midnight at 8:30pm on Tuesday while reading a status update on Facebook (I’m pretty sure that was a God thing)

*arriving at Creation at 1:30am and waiting in line next to a youth group from Kelso that friends of the boys were in (it’s a small world)

*finally having camp set up and getting to bed at 4:30am

Creation mapwe’re the x in the left side of the green circle 

*waking up at 6am because it was too hot in the tent to sleep anymore

*THE HEAT!!! It was 108 on Wednesday!

Creation 2009 01playing Ladderball with Casey while we waited for the gates to open

Creation 2009 02 

our camp

Creation 2009 03

our row #203 (we’re about halfway down on the right)

Creation 2009 04

going on a walk before it gets too hot and camp gets too full

Creation 2009 05

not so great for keeping the sun out but great for when the wind picks up

Creation 2009 06

the water station by the main gate (you’re there quite a bit)

Creation 2009 07

us by the ice truck at the store

Creation 2009 08

I totally want this tent set-up! Not only would it be like sleeping in a treehouse, but it would keep you safe from lions. LOL

Creation 2009 09

the “campground” before it filled up

Creation 2009 10

trying to stay cool at Camp Leingang

Creation 2009 11

our neighbor Cheryl had GREAT shade

* having our neighbor share her extra reflective silver tarp with us so we could have better shade. Thanks Cheryl!!!

Creation 2009 12our new and improved shady camp

Creation 2009 13 

Andy sleeping in the shade

* our brand new tent poles breaking on the first day

Creation 2009 15Creation 2009 14* trying to fry an egg in the sun

Creation 2009 16Creation 2009 17it didn’t work but I’m sure we could have done it on the hood of the van :o)

*being with my boys when the walked up the hill and saw the main stage for the first time

Creation 2009 18heading to the main stage

Creation 2009 19   

Creation 2009 20

see the “dove” in the river?

Creation 2009 21

the view behind the stage is truly a breathtaking “tribute to our Creator”

Creation 2009 22

hill “seats”

Creation 2009 23

waiting for Hawk Nelson

Creation 2009 24

taking video

*seeing TONS of great bands and listening to great speakers, too! We heard Hawk Nelson, Bob Lenz, Skillet, 116 Clique, Pillar, Greg Laurie, Kutless, Casting Crowns, Brian Doerksen, Will Graham, Needtobreathe, Barlow Girl, Reggie Dabbs, Red, Chris Tomlin, Above the Golden State, Group 1 Crew, Sanctus Real, Israel Houghton, Ron Luce, David Crowder Band, Reliant K. (and we didn’t see them all!)

Creation 2009 25 Hawk Nelson is our friend!

Creation 2009 34

getting ready for the morning session

Creation 2009 28

Clique 116

Creation 2009 30


Creation 2009 39


Creation 2009 41

Creation 2009 42

having fun with Reggie Dabbs

Creation 2009 33


Creation 2009 44

Red got moved to the evening show and they ROCKED!!!

Creation 2009 47

Above the Golden State

*getting up at 4am with Andy and having to have the medical staff come and treat him for dehydration with 2 IV bags of saline

*hearing ourselves “slosh” while we walked because of the water we drank (we didn’t want any more trips to the hospital)

*seeing friends

Creation 2009 29

Creation 2009 48

*having our faces rocked off by Skillet while in the pit. Zack was close enough to feel the heat from all the pyrotechnics

Creation 2009 27not only the best show of the festival but one of the best shows we’ve ever seen! (second only to the Newsboys “Step Up to the Microphone” tour)

*buying all kinds of cool shirts (some of our other favorites included: “Stand up for what you believe in even if it means standing alone”, “Would it bother us more if they used guns?”, “I lost my mom in the mosh pit”, “Straight Pride”, “Mean people need to be loved”, “One woman:Many guitars”)

Creation 2009 36Creation 2009 37  

Creation 2009 38Creation 2009 55Creation 2009 56Zack says he’ll be my bodyguard when I wear this one

Creation 2009 57    Creation 2009 40

Ok, not a shirt, but I loved them!

*buying Will a lightsaber on Thursday night and not being allowed to bring “weapons” back in on Friday (Arrr!)

Creation 2009 32making grass chains was fun but not as fun as lightsabers 

*having the Honey Buckets cleaned twice a day!

Creation 2009 54

*taking ice cold showers with a sink sprayer in a semi-truck trailer

Creation 2009 49

*Gorgeous sunsets

Creation 2009 26Creation 2009 43Creation 2009 45Creation 2009 46*Praising God with about 20,000 people!!!

*Planning our trip for Creation 2010!

    Creation 2009 52Creation 2009 53 we had a beautiful view when most everyone was gone!