Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our Baby Turns 13

Happy Birthday Will! It’s official, we are now a house full of teenagers!

After church Grandpa, Grandma and Theresa took us to DQ for chicken strips and Blizzards. Yum! They also gave him his birthday gift: Lego Trolls’ Mountain Fortress.

Wills bday 01Wills bday 02  I think he knows what it is…

Wills bday 03

Although they enjoyed lunch, Will couldn’t wait to get home. The tree of them spent the next 3+ hours playing with it; attacking the village and fighting the knights (complete with voices for all the characters)! :o)

Wills bday 04

Wills bday 08

Wills bday 07Wills bday 10Just for Will, here are the pics he took so you could see all of it…

   Wills bday 11Wills bday 12Wills bday 13Wills bday 14Wills bday 15Wills bday 16Wills bday 17

Will also got a new Wii game all about building cities and then destroying them. Our favorite mode of destruction is the giant llamas!!! But the meteor shower is good, too! It’s pretty fun!

Wills bday 05Wills bday 06 After watching our last installment of “Lord of the Rings” we had pirate cake. Will was glad I just made it so he didn’t have to decide which kind of cake he wanted. :o) We all like pirate cake, and it was even better today!

Wills bday cake 01Wills bday cake 02the glaze is really good!

Wills bday cake 03  

Wills bday cake 04

Wills bday cake 05

Wills bday cake 06

it took a few attempts, but he finally got them all out…

Have a great time being 13 Will. We love you and are very proud of you!

Royal Rangers

Peter Ostrand earned the gold medal for Royal Rangers this year. It is the equivalent to an Eagle scout and is quite an honor. The ceremony was very nice! Many people affiliated with Royal Rangers came as well as his state representative. He also received many letters from people in the community and state.  After he got his medal, Chris came up along with Peter’s spiritual mentors to lay hands on him and pray for him.

Peter's gold medal 01the district commander, Peter, Lynn and Jim

Peter's gold medal 02 

getting his medal

Peter's gold medal 03

Peter's gold medal 04

We are proud of you Peter and look forward to see what God will do through you!

Peter's gold medal 05

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Woodcutting At The Woods’

A tree fell earlier this year at Walt and Dena’s place and they let us come and get the wood in exchange for help in getting it cut up and cleared out.

woodcutting at Woods 01 woodcutting at Woods 02

So we hitched up the trailer and headed to Toledo to get some firewood for next winter. It’s amazing how much wood you burn when you don’t use the furnace!

woodcutting at Woods 03woodcutting at Woods 04woodcutting at Woods 08it seems like everyone had a chainsaw

woodcutting at Woods 05   

Zack got to drive the quad and trailer to take the wood back to the van after it was cut

woodcutting at Woods 06

the big job was to get this bad boy down without it rolling back on the cutter

woodcutting at Woods 07

they tied the log to another tree to keep it from rolling the other way. And it was a good thing they used two straps because ours broke when the tree was cut through!

woodcutting at Woods 09

woodcutting at Woods 10

woodcutting at Woods 11

it was a pretty big and gnarly tree and we dulled a few chains and still aren’t done

woodcutting at Woods 12

Will made a wedge to help out and it worked great!

Now we just have to get it split and into the woodshed…

Cannon Beach – Day 3

Checkout was at noon, but we just couldn’t leave that early on the most beautiful day we were there. After a leisurely morning and pancake breakfast, we packed up the van and headed to the day use area at the south end of town.

We walked along a lot of beach to places we’d never been before…

beach day 3 01 beach day 3 02we had to cross the log…

beach day 3 03beach day 3 04 

beach day 3 05 

because there was a bit of wood in the ramp! It must have been quite a storm!!!

beach day 3 06

They came, they saw, they conquered!

beach day 3 07

beach day 3 08

I loved this house! It reminded me of a treehouse.

beach day 3 09

checking out the boats on the horizon

beach day 3 10

beach day 3 11

beach day 3 12

beach day 3 13

I found my own little cave

beach day 3 14

while Chris did a bit of climbing on top

beach day 3 15

beach day 3 16

I thought this round rock with moss was so cool

beach day 3 17

beach day 3 18

All that walking worked up an appetite! So we went back to the trailer to have lunch, play games and watch a movie until low tide.

beach day 3 20beach day 3 19Andy loved this spinny-thing but it made me motion sick just to watch it

beach day 3 21  

Low tide meant another trip to Haystack Rock and the tidepools.

beach day 3 22 This was my other favorite house on the beach

beach day 3 23

the “other side” of Haystack Rock

beach day 3 24

exploring the tidepools

beach day 3 25

beach day 3 26 beach day 3 27

beach day 3 28beach day 3 29beach day 3 31there were even more starfish and anemones than the day before

beach day 3 30

beach day 3 32

More walking meant we had to eat again! But this time we walked over to Mo’s for seafood and chowder. The service was great (complete with magic tricks) and the food was FANTASTIC! The crab was caught off-shore that day and came in only two hours earlier! YUMMY!!!

beach day 3 33sharing a dessert

beach day 3 34 

We had such a wonderful time and it was great to get the chance to really relax on our vacation! Thanks Faith Fellowship!