Saturday, March 21, 2015

STEP Retreat Sunset

Staying in our trailer meant we didn’t have to be back for our evening session until 7:00. That meant we could go to the beach after dinner and watch the sun set. So we did…

cannon beach 31 cannon beach 32cannon beach 33cannon beach 34cannon beach 35cannon beach 36cannon beach 37cannon beach 38cannon beach 39cannon beach 40cannon beach 41cannon beach 42 On the way back to our session we stopped for hot cocoa at the Chocolate Cafe. Mmmmm!!!

We had a great time with fantastic teaching and gorgeous weather! It was really hard to have to go back on Saturday night but we were thankful for the time we had!

Surfin’ At STEP

What a difference a year makes! I am sure that the weather in March couldn’t have been any more different than last year. It was STUNNING!

Warren and Chris spent all morning watching the waves out the Conference Center windows and keeping an eye on the forecast (which was INCREDIBLE!)…

When it was finally time to go, we went to the trailer to change, met Zack and Tatum, picked up a board for Zack and hit Indian Beach, along with about 200 other people!

cannon beach 01 cannon beach 02The parking was a mad house, but there was plenty of space on the beach for our towels and beach chairs! The guys got their boards ready and went out to ride some waves…

cannon beach 03cannon beach 04cannon beach 05cannon beach 06cannon beach 07Tatum and I enjoyed taking pictures, chatting, snacking, working on my tan in a tank top… It was crazy gorgeous!

cannon beach 08cannon beach 09cannon beach 15 cannon beach 10 cannon beach 11 cannon beach 12 cannon beach 13 cannon beach 14cannon beach 20 cannon beach 16 cannon beach 17 cannon beach 18 cannon beach 19cannon beach 25 cannon beach 21 cannon beach 22 cannon beach 23 cannon beach 24 cannon beach 26 cannon beach 27 cannon beach 28 cannon beach 29The guys worked up quite an appetite, so we got changed and went to Mo’s for dinner… a Cannon Beach tradition!

cannon beach 30

Friday, March 20, 2015

Sunset and Goodbye

We got done at the North Shore in time to drive to Ko Olina to watch the sunset one last time before going home. We wandered down to Lagoon #4 and bought frozen Mai Tai’s at Longboards and sat to enjoy the show God puts on every single night but we rarely get to appreciate…

last day98 Chris needs a board that looks like this!

last day88 last day89last day90  last day92last day93 last day94last day95last day96last day97We walked around a bit more and enjoyed the evening and then went to Thai food for supper. Yum!!!

last day99the rice came in the basket inside a plastic bag

Shawn dropped us at the airport in the morning before church. We were a bit early for our flight but we spent so much time deciding on a place to eat breakfast that we missed breakfast altogether and had to eat lunch instead. The Honolulu airport has a TON of purse stores but not many restaurants…

We had a fantastic view out the window when we took off and for the first time, I actually got teary as we took off. I truly love Hawaii and am so blessed that we got to go twice!

leaving 01      Goodbye, Hawaii! Hope to see you again someday…