Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Thankfully the boys weren’t so sick that they couldn’t carve pumpkins.

pumpkins 01 I love having a huge laundry room!

pumpkins 02

Andy did quite a bit of detail work

pumpkins 03

Chris is punching his pattern onto his pumpkin

pumpkins 04

Will’s needs a BIG mouth!

I love carving pumpkins and seeing what creative idea the boys come up with every year. Being sick might have put a bit of a damper on their creative spirits, but they still did a fantastic job!

pumpkins 05pumpkins 13me and my pumpkin

pumpkins 06  

pumpkins 07

can you guess what Andy is in to?

pumpkins 11

pumpkins 08

Will looks pretty happy considering his pumpkin is eating his teddy bear :o)

pumpkins 10

pumpkins 12

Chris and Mickey

pumpkins 16

pumpkins 15 Zack’s has really cool (and yummy) eyes

pumpkins 17

Chris was right, he did need a hat

pumpkins 18

all ready for the Harvest Party carving contest

My other favorite part of pumpkin carving is toasting the seeds. But I don’t like pickin’ em out…

pumpkins 14

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shuffling Stuff

This whole thing started a couple of weeks ago when I came to the realization that Chris needed a new office and we needed a guestroom more than the boys needed an entire room dedicated to toys. Chris has been relegated to the furnace room in the schoolroom as a home office since we lived here (I think I subconsciously did it to discourage him from working at home… LOL) and the boys have gotten to the age where they have really outgrown 90% of what was in that room.

 Playroom 02 Playroom 03Playroom 06Good-bye toy room!!! 

We’ve slowly gone through the toys, giving some to our nieces and nephews and friends. But today was the big push! And a lot of stuff got pushed today!

house shuffle 03it’s getting empty

house shuffle 02 

Some of the Legos stayed in the new office/guestroom

house shuffle 07

some went to Zack and Will’s room (which meant Will’s dresser got moved out of the closet and next to Sephira)

house shuffle 04

the movie prop toys went to Andy’s closet

house shuffle 01

then we moved in the new desk, my fabric shelf from the schoolroom and the file cabinet from the family room

house shuffle 09

house shuffle 10the fabric from the shelf in the schoolroom went into the craft closet, which is now very full!

house shuffle 08 

the school books that had been in the family room got moved into the schoolroom

house shuffle 06

and the Lego bin got moved into the space where the school book shelf had been

house shuffle 05

the little kids toys (for when we have company) got moved into the space where the file cabinet was

house shuffle 18

house shuffle 19Chris then moved the stuff from his old “office” into the new one

 house shuffle 11  that made room for Will to be able to do school in the furnace room

house shuffle 12

and cleared up my table again 

house shuffle 20

it also gave me room to store some stuff that had been on the shelves in the laundry room

house shuffle 21

so now we have more room for our laundry and hot tub supplies

house shuffle 14

and then cleared up space for all my canning supplies and empty jars from the kitchen

house shuffle 17

which gave me more space in my kitchen cupboard

house shuffle 15

house shuffle 16

and in my pantry for more food after I go grocery shopping

house shuffle 13

but it also meant the beach towels and swimsuits got relocated to the basement bathroom

I love all the changes and organization! I also love the huge pile of stuff to give away in the garage! But I am kinda sad to see the toy room go… It’s like the end of an era. :o( 

Now I just wait for the, “Where’s my _______???” LOL

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dangerous Boys Fencing

Today we had our Dangerous Class for Boys. Friday School had the day off yesterday and my guest instructor teaches math at our local community college and wasn’t available on weekdays. But he got together a group of members of the college’s fencing club and did a three hour class on fencing for the boys.

They did a fantastic job! Rick started out by teaching the boys the history of swords and fencing. Next he did some demonstrations of both fencing and fencing lessons. Then the boys got suited up in all the gear and got to do 2 hours of learning to whack (sorry, touch) each other with swords. Needless to say, by the end of class they were all pretty worn out and really STINKY!

fencing 01 listening to Rick teach about the history of swords

fencing 02

he showed them how to fight with both a sword and a dagger

now that’s dangerous!

fencing 03

fencing 04 learning the history of hand shakes

fencing 05

fencing demonstration

fencing 06

fencing lesson demonstration

fencing 07

getting suited up (now the fun begins)

fencing 08

Rick told the boys it was just like putting on a straight jacket

Thankfully none of the boys knew how to put on a straight jacket :o)

fencing 09

almost ready… (Hobo is waiting for his gear)

fencing 10

now that they have their weapons the fun really starts

fencing 11


fencing 12


fencing 13

en garde… (the chorus line)

fencing 14

paired up and ready to fence

fencing 15

Zack and Joel

fencing 16

Andy and Will

fencing 17

Andy got to fence Rick at the end of class and LOVED it!

Thank you so much to Rick Swee and the fencing club at LCC! Rick is truly a gifted teacher and the boys had an absolute BLAST!!!