Saturday, June 19, 2010

Goin’ For A Ride

Last night Dad took us for a test ride in his new Model T. She’s pretty bumpy, it doesn’t help that the seats are just bare springs, and loud! (We had people crack their blinds to watch us go by…)

model T ride 01model T ride 02 model T ride 03model T ride 04

Thanks for the ride Dad!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Meeting Eva Grace

Today I got to go over to the west side and meet little Eva Grace and visit with Sonja. She is such a sweet tiny thing!

eva grace 01Mommy and Eva

eva grace 02 

Praying that she will be home with her mommy, daddy and big brother very soon!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sisters’ Day in OC

No, we weren’t in Orange County. We were in Oregon City! Today we spent the day exploring a bit in the town where we lived when Amy and I were really little before we moved to Damascus.

We met Amy and Ada for lunch at the Singer Hill Cafe. Amy and Maggie couldn’t make it because Charlie threw up in the car on the way to Grandma’s. We missed them very much!

OC sisters day 01 OC sisters day 02 Ada perused the paper while we waited for our food

After Amy and Ada headed back home, Theresa and I headed down the hill and wandered to the library book store, Spicer Brothers’ Produce and Tony’s Fish Market. The walk down the hill was much easier than back up, but I did better than I thought I would. :o)

Then we headed down the hill, in the car, to Main Street to find a brew shop to look for soda pop supplies. They had the flavors cheaper than here in town, but the rest of the supplies were more expensive. And the shopkeeper was not very happy when I told her I was buying the rest of my things back at Olympic Drug for a better price. Next time, I’ll stick with Olympic…

But while we were there, we found the Oregon City Municipal Elevator! Since Theresa had never been on it, or knew it existed, and I hadn’t done it since elementary school, we went for a ride to the top to check out the view. It was kind of cool!

OC sisters day 15OC sisters day 14I loved all the curved lines and tilework!

OC sisters day 08  

OC sisters day 07

OC sisters day 10

OC sisters day 09

the floor at the top had a map of town on it and all the pictures on the wall were two-way pictures of then/now views of different locations in Oregon City

OC sisters day 03

OC sisters day 04 

OC sisters day 05

OC sisters day 11

OC sisters day 12

OC sisters day 13

we felt like tourists :o)

Then after taking a wrong turn that led us straight to the freeway (which made it seem much less like an accident), we went to Bob’s Red Mill Store. They probably have just about every kind of flour or dry good you could ever want! It was so fun just to wander around and look at all the different things they had! But our favorite part was the bulk food section! I am quite a fan of bulk food and Bob’s not only had a great selection, but great prices, too! And I really appreciated the file cabinet with all the recipes for them!

OC sisters day 19OC sisters day 17OC sisters day 18we also wanted our picture next to the giant millstones LOL  

Before heading home, we had pizza supper thanks to Dad and Will and stopped and visited Grandma.

I love Sisters’ Day! Why didn’t we do this sooner???