Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Golden Age of Cars

We got to spend a day in Tacoma with Jay and Amy! It was so fun having dinner, visiting, perusing an old book store… Just what we needed! Already thinking about our next trip to Portland. :)  We also went to the car museum next to our hotel…

After touring the LeMay America's Car Museum yesterday, I realize that my children missed the golden age of cars. Cars used to have class and style. They were each a unique work of art. Even the windows and hood ornaments were amazing! It was all about the details. Now is the age of the clone... When you are in a parking lot, nearly every car looks the same. Nothing stands out.

cars 05 cars 02 cars 03 cars 04 cars 06cars 15 cars 13 cars 14 cars 21 cars 17 cars 18 cars 19 cars 20 cars 29 cars 22 cars 23 cars 24 cars 25 cars 26 cars 27 cars 28 cars 37 cars 30 cars 31 cars 32 cars 33 cars 34 cars 35 cars 36cars 79 cars 44 cars 46 cars 62 cars 67 cars 68 cars 71 cars 76 cars 77 cars 78

I am so thankful my dad had fun cars for me to ride in and drive growing up. I don’t think I always appreciated it then, but I certainly do now! Well, I did appreciate having guys rap on my window at a stop light or gas station and slip me their phone number in case we were ever interested in selling (after I got over being scared that something was wrong or that they were going to murder me). I still drive with two feet because I never got out of the habit of driving with my foot always on the gas so that the car wouldn’t die when stopped at a light. ;)

I took these pictures because of my dad…

cars 07this car had the same textured clear plastic upholstery cover that my dad always put in his cars… Brings back memories of textured thighs on summer days.

cars 16 

this is the same color scheme of one of my dad’s cars

cars 51

my dad has an amazing gas station in his back yard!

cars 61 cars 50 cars 52 cars 53 cars 54 cars 55 cars 56 cars 57 cars 58 cars 59

station wagons always remind me of growing up

cars 64 cars 63

this truck reminded me of the one we drove to Uncle Kenny and Aunt Ruth when I was a little girl

cars 74 cars 72 cars 73

I remember that my dad has always like Metropolitans

There were so many awesome cars there! And so many of them had great stories, too…

cars 09 cars 08

cars 11 cars 10

cars 43 cars 42

cars 70 cars 69

cars 75a steam engine car 

And some I simply just loved!

cars 12 when other girls had posters of boy bands on their wall in high school, I had one of this

cars 01

I dream of someday taking our cross-country bike trip in this…

cars 41 cars 38 cars 39 cars 40

so many cute scooters!

cars 80

Chris and I would look great in this one touring around Europe!

So many brilliant cars, so little money… LOL