Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Art of Lego @ OMSI

Today was our third and final field trip of the last week. Whew! I have a brand new appreciation for field trip coordinators! I’ve done them before, but 3 in 8 days is a bit much… Thankfully, OMSI was wonderful to work with and made the whole experience so much more enjoyable!

We had a fantastic turn out of 64! Field trips are even more fun with friends! I even had a friend from high school meet us there for the day with her kids!

While I loved taking the boys to OMSI when they were little, it was kind of fun for Chris and I to experience it on our own. You get to see a whole lot more when you aren’t constantly doing a head count… ;o)  They also had quite a few new exhibits since the last time we were there.

OMSI mom 02 OMSI mom 01 OMSI mom 18 OMSI mom 15We found some suspicious fingerprints that turned out to be ours… LOL

William and his friends spent most of their time in… Can you guess where??? 

OMSI mom 03OMSI mom 04I loved this poem, from the book above, about a princess and a prince 

OMSI mom 05OMSI mom 06OMSI mom 10I loved the girl tied to the tracks detail

OMSI mom 12   

OMSI mom 11

Some Lego artwork by a local Portland artist. I want one for the house but Will didn’t think he could do it… :o(

OMSI mom 07OMSI mom 09I heard reports that he had built a tree, but he was working on his dome by the time we arrived. Unfortunately, he didn’t get to finish it before lunch… :o( 

OMSI mom 08Nathan did get to finish his! Very nice!

We were all pretty hungry by lunch time. And we all enjoyed the entertainment provided by the vending machines… Will made a bit of money by figuring out the “give change” button on one machine. Poor Asher got his hand stuck in one of the vending machine doors. :o(   And 3 people bought Pirate Booty, but the machine just didn’t want to give it up…

OMSI mom 13OMSI mom 14Thankfully, Preston gave it a bit of a shake and they all fell! Whew!

OMSI mom 17 The sun started to peek out a bit, too!

The boys had a bit more fun after lunch…

OMSI mom 16OMSI mom 19OMSI mom 21 OMSI mom 20That was a fun but exhausting day! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Fort Clatsop

What a difference between our trip to Fort Vancouver last week and Fort Clatsop this week! The rangers were amazing! We were treated with respect and they truly made the story of Lewis and Clark engaging, interesting and exciting! I learned things I didn’t know before and was able to pick up a few new hands-on objects for my class.

fort clatsop 06 fort clatsop 03 fort clatsop 04a scale model of the fort (it took the corps less than 3 weeks to construct the original)

fort clatsop 05 

a fishing rake inside a canoe (now that’s how to fish!)

fort clatsop 07

Will loved how Clark could draw such detailed maps and this is his drawing of the fort plans

Our guide at the fort, Tom was amazing! He consulted in and played the role of William Clark in the OPB movie “Searching for York”. He knows all kinds of stuff about the expedition, is a phenomenal teacher and got to meet Ken Burns! (I am SO JEALOUS!)

fort clatsop 08a reenactment of a grizzly bear encounter

fort clatsop 10

fort clatsop 09  

fort clatsop 11 

I think the boys were pretty pleased that he even fired the gun! ;o)

I think I may have had more fun than the kids… ;o)

On the way up, we stopped at a lovely viewpoint and played around at the Astoria column on the way home. It was just too nice a day to waste!

fort clatsop 02 fort clatsop 01

Friday, April 20, 2012

Canoeing Class

Today was my canoeing class for Dangerous Class for Boys. We prayed for sun. We didn’t get sunshine but God did hold off the rain for us while they paddled around the lake… :o)

canoeing 01 getting the canoes down to the water

canoeing 02

safety lesson before launching the canoes

I didn’t get many pictures (and no good pictures). I was too busy helping people into canoes and keeping an eye out to make sure everyone was safe and sound. Then by the time I got the camera out, they had all paddled FAR away!

But I am very proud of how well they did! Some of the boys had never been in a canoe before, but they all did a great job and were getting around just fine!

canoeing 05

canoeing 03 canoeing 04 canoeing 06

Thanks to Chad for coming up and bringing all the canoes!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fort Vancouver

Today was my Westward Expansion class’ field trip to Fort Vancouver. After hassling me about being a bona fide educational institution, not giving us the tour I signed up for, making us stand and wait out in the cold for so long, and then having one of the volunteers bash homeschooling when he found out we did, I have decided this might just be the last field trip I arrange with them.

Ok, I done venting now…

On the bright side, it was probably the best tour I’ve ever taken there and it just renewed in me my dream of doing educational programs at historical sites for homeschoolers someday! And, it’s always fun to go on field trips with friends!

Here are some of the pictures we took. You’ll be able to tell which are mine and which are my Will’s pictures… His are the good ones! LOL

Fort Vancouver 26 Fort Vancouver 01 Fort Vancouver 02 Fort Vancouver 03 Fort Vancouver 04 Fort Vancouver 05 Fort Vancouver 06 Fort Vancouver 07 Fort Vancouver 08 Fort Vancouver 09 Fort Vancouver 10 Fort Vancouver 11 Fort Vancouver 12 Fort Vancouver 13 Fort Vancouver 14 Fort Vancouver 15 Fort Vancouver 16 Fort Vancouver 17 Fort Vancouver 18 Fort Vancouver 19 Fort Vancouver 20 Fort Vancouver 21 Fort Vancouver 22 Fort Vancouver 23 Fort Vancouver 24 Fort Vancouver 25