Saturday, March 27, 2010

Loveland’s Move

Yesterday after Friday School, we went to help our friends, the Lovelands, move to their new place. God gave us a nice day and it didn’t rain until just as we were finishing up! They had lots of help from friends which always makes the day more fun! And it made it a lot easier for Sheri to not do anything, since she had shoulder surgery this week.

I took a few pics while we were packing up but forgot to take any at their great new place… :o(

Lovelands moving 01 Lovelands moving 02Lovelands moving 03Lovelands moving 04traffic jam on the ramp!

Lovelands moving 05   

this stuff was a whole lot easier than the piano!

Lovelands moving 07

Lovelands moving 08Lovelands moving 11

Lovelands moving 06Lovelands moving 09we loaded up the vans, too

Lovelands moving 10  

they even decided to take Jo-Jo :o)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Puppy Pile

Today we got to see the Karlowskys’ puppies for the first time. Katie had really cute babies! The boys and I would love to bring one home! I know they don’t stay cute and snuggly forever though… :o) 

puppies 01puppies 02 puppies 03puppies 06puppies 08And I don’t think Betsy would like a puppy very much at all!

puppies 07puppies 04puppies 05  

But don’t ya just want one???

Friday, March 5, 2010

Tea Parties, Birthdays and The Bins

Yesterday we spent the day in Portland to celebrate Chris’, Grandma Ide’s and Uncle Dennis’ birthdays. While Chris was at his monthly pastors’ lunch, I went to tea with the girls at Lavender Bleu in West Linn. It was so fun to see everyone! The shop was so cute and the food was good, too. Their scones were perfect! But the asparagus mushroom bacon quiche was superb!

bday tea 06  bday tea 05bday tea 01bday tea 02bday tea 03Stella got tired of the high chair but she really liked walking out in the courtyard :o)    

After tea all the sisters headed out to “the bins”, otherwise known as Goodwill Outlet. I so wish I had taken a picture when we walked in the door! It is just a warehouse FULL of rows of bins of Goodwill rejects! It doesn’t smell or look too good, but there is surprisingly TONS of great finds for 89 cents a pound!

If you ever get the chance, get a bunch of friends together and go. It’s kinda cool to fill up your cart and drive it onto the “truck scale” to see how much your treasures weigh.It’s the most fun and the least money you’ll spend on filling a cart!!!


bday tea 07 bday tea 09 bday tea 08Afterwards we went back to Mom and Dad’s for birthday dinner. We’d worked up quite an appetite. The boys helped Grandpa get rocks for the yurt while we were gone.

It was another really fun evening with family! Happy Birthday everybody!

bday party 01bday party 02Charlie helps grandma blow out her candles

bday party 03    

Maggie helped Uncle Dennis