Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Clearing Out The Ice

We spent yet another day snowed in thanks to the below freezing temps and an icy street. HOORAY!!!

ice 01 ice 04 ice 02ice 03

The guys decided to try to clear off the driveway before it starts raining tomorrow so we can head south to Portland for Thanksgiving. It was a LOT of work, but they got it done!

ice 05ice 06ice 07 Let’s just hope it doesn’t snow again overnight…

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gingerbread Creations

Every year the boys help me decorate the gingerbread for Christmas. And every year they get a little more creative… This year they even made some creations of their own.

gingerbread 04 It was Santa with a pack on his back. Now it’s a dog’s head.

gingerbread dog 01

It was a candy cane, a snowman and a man. Now it’s a dog.

gingerbread 07

gingerbread 01

Mom’s cookies

gingerbread 02

Andy’s cookies

gingerbread 03

Will’s cookies

gingerbread 06

I wonder what next year’s will look like???

Sun & Snow

What’s better than waking up to snow? Waking up to snow and sunny clear skies and crisp cold temps!!! This morning the thermometer read 18 when I went out! Now, this is how winter should be!

sun snow 01 Not much new snow overnight…

sun snow 02

But the Lego guy is impressed!!!

The problem is that snow + really cold = ice! Our steps, our driveway and our street were all a sheet of ice for most of the day. So it meant another day at home… Yay!!!

sun snow 09sun snow 11sun snow 10I hadn’t realized that all this ice would be an issue for the girls until I walked out to their coop… After thawing out their water and their door they slowly ventured out but not where the snow was deep. Their light seems to keep them warm and happy, but it’s not enough to keep the eggs from freezing. Zack collected 5 frozen eggs this evening. One had broken and was an afternoon snack for the girls… So including the one this morning, it made for a second 6 egg day in a row!!!

sun snow 06Our farm looks so much better in the snow!

sun snow 05    

sun snow 08sun snow 07

Well, I don’t think the herbs like the snow so much… :o)

The sunlight reflecting off the snow made the house so bright that I didn’t even turn the lights on upstairs for most of the day!

sun snow 03sun snow 04

And while I was baking I could watch the shadow of our cozy fire (ok, just the smoke) in the snow below…

sun snow 12

Monday, November 22, 2010

Street Sledding

*Do NOT try this at home!!!

This evening we decided to watch Elf. Between the snow, the Christmas music and baking we were all in the Christmas mood.

But since we started heating with wood, it gets pretty hot here in the family room. (Remember the melting preschool decoration…)

first snow 22 So after the first hour of the movie we all decided we needed a “cool off” break. We went upstairs and discovered the temperature had dropped 5 degrees in the past hour to 25 degrees.

The guys all bundled up, grabbed the sled and tried their luck at riding down our icy and completely deserted street…

street sledding 01 street sledding 02street sledding 03street sledding 04This is truly the BEST sled ever!!!

street sledding 05   

Shoes don’t work quite as well but they’re fun, too!

street sledding 06

Cannon Ball!!!

First Snow Of The Season

… And it’s not even Thanksgiving!

Snow has been in the forecast for today for almost two weeks now. And after yesterday’s sneak preview, we were pretty excited to see some of the white stuff. But when we woke up this morning there was none… :o(

Within the hour it started up and was sticking…

first snow more 01 first snow 01 When we realized it probably wasn’t going to stop we let the chickens out (they didn’t really like it much), let the cat out (neither did she) and got some firewood.

first snow chix 01first snow 02first snow 04Being the nice mom that I am, I let the boys play outside for a bit and have hot cocoa with breakfast.

first snow 03Will’s ready for a snowball fight!

Will also took some pics…

first snow 05first snow 06first snow 07Same shots an hour later…

first snow 08     Even Pencil Santa is happy there’s snow!

It didn’t stop snowing all morning, but there was no snow in town so Chris took Zack and Andy down the hill to kung fu. Thankfully Chris is a great driver and didn’t have any trouble! The boys said it was quite entertaining watching people try to go up and down our street…

first snow 12first snow 13  My poor chicken pot is quite buried!

first snow 14

It is strange to see snow on my fall decorations.

first snow 15

first snow 16first snow 17Snow is the best camo for the boys’ tree house!

first snow 18

  I can’t believe the girls came out! But they didn’t stay out for long… On the bright side, they laid 6 eggs today!!! (I guess there was nothing better to do…)

first snow 20

You can’t even tell Will and Dane had a snowball fight in the yard just an hour or so before…

first snow 24

first snow 25

I love it when the snow has no tracks or footprints in it!

After lunch, the boys decided to build a snowman in the front to greet all the drivers as they go slowly by…

first snow 23They took a small break to help the neighbor shovel her driveway! Chris and I are so proud!!!

We also realized that our roaring fire had gotten a bit too hot when the glue on our Thanksgiving decoration melted. It then fell  on top of the woodstove and was destroyed! I am so sad because Zack made that when he was in preschool. :o(

first snow 21first snow 22I’m giving thanks that Chris found it before it melted any more…

Just as the boys finished their snowman, measuring at about 7 feet tall, it finally stopped snowing.

first snow 26first snow 27The wind picked up and it started to snow again after supper. I wonder how much we’ll have come morning???