Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dinner on the River

For our last day of vacation we took the boat out to Walker Island for supper. It was the first trip of the year for the boat, but she started up pretty easy and cut through the waves on the river pretty well. We just got a little wet…

The water was really high and there wasn’t much island left.

River dinner 01 River dinner 03 River dinner 02

Despite the wind, Chris managed to build a red hot campfire and we roasted hot dogs and giant marshmallows.

River dinner 07 River dinner 04 River dinner 05 River dinner 06

But because of the wind, we didn’t do much swimming. Well, Zack did get in for a second…

River dinner 09

Will thought about going in

River dinner 08 

River dinner 10pulling up the anchor and heading home 

The boys are already excited about our annual camping trip this summer. I just hope the weather cooperates!

Creation NW 2010 Day One

This year we got the opportunity to go along with some of the other LB to Creation. Not only did we get a good deal on tickets, but we also got in on meals and closer camping… And we got to camp with friends!

After Nate’s mom dropped him off we had some supper and headed north on I-5 to Enumclaw. Normally we arrive in George around midnight and are greeted by a long line and 85 degrees. This year: no line, no heat, trees. Weird…

Shortly after arriving we got the tent set up, the trailer in place and helped unload the van load of food needed to feed our Creation army of 60+!

Creation Tuesday 01 Creation Tuesday 02

Creation Tuesday 03

  Creation Tuesday 04

After unloading, sorting and repacking all the food into the vans and food tent. We had a snack and headed to bed. This year we were prepared to really get some good sleep: we brought earplugs!

Creation NW 2010 Day Two

You go to sleep and the camp is nearly empty and you wake up and it’s full…

 Creation NW Wednesday 02

It was nice to be close to the bathrooms and water.

Creation NW Wednesday 01

And while it seemed like we were far away, it was WAY closer than the individual camping…

Creation NW Wednesday 03I loved this trailer!

Creation NW Wednesday 04Creation NW Wednesday 05Once everyone arrived, we had quite the camp!

Creation Saturday 01our camp starts at the canopy in the foreground and ends at our trailer

Creation Wednesday 04

Creation Wednesday 05

Creation Wednesday 06

The first concerts started that evening. It was nice that the sun came out but not so nice that it shined in our eyes for so long.

Creation more Wednesday 01      Creation Wednesday 07Creation more Wednesday 02Creation more Wednesday 03but umbrellas help

Red, David Crowder and Switchfoot were a great start to Creation 2010!

Creation more Wednesday 04Creation more Wednesday 05Creation more Wednesday 06Creation Wednesday 01Creation Wednesday 03 Creation Wednesday 02

Creation NW 2010 Day Three

Thursday was the first full day of Creation. It was also the cloudiest and coldest day of the festival. But the morning was made even nicer by the guys getting up to make pancakes and sausage for breakfast. Actually, they had to do it because us girls decided hot breakfast for 60+ people was just not worth the work. But I did enjoy it! :o) To be fair, the guys were a lot of help all week with meals. Thanks, we could not have done it without you.

Creation Thursday 01 Creation Thursday 02 Creation Thursday 03 Creation Thursday 04Creation Thursday 05Creation Thursday 06We got pretty good seats for the Newsboys concert

Creation NW Wednesday 06   


Creation NW Wednesday 07

Lakita Garth at the football field

Creation NW Wednesday 08

Group 1 Crew on the Fringe Stage

Creation NW Wednesday 09

Creation NW Wednesday 10

Chris and Lars write their names on the autograph wall

Creation NW Wednesday 11

Chris wrote his upside down

Creation NW Wednesday 13

Creation NW Wednesday 12

Creation NW Wednesday 14

the Newsboys are awesome!

Creation NW Wednesday 15

Creation NW Wednesday 16

Creation NW Wednesday 17

Creation NW Wednesday 18

Creation NW Wednesday 22 Creation NW Wednesday 19 Creation NW Wednesday 20 Creation NW Wednesday 21

Creation NW Wednesday 25 Creation NW Wednesday 22 Creation NW Wednesday 23 Creation NW Wednesday 24