Sunday, September 12, 2010

A View of Our Town

The past few evenings we have taken a walk after supper up the hill above our house. Will has brought the camera, and even the tripod, with him to take some pictures of the view from up top.

The sunset one night was sort of pretty and gave the sky a pink and purple hue as we walked…

the view 01

the Rainier bridge (or if you live in Rainier, the Longview bridge)

the view 04

the view 05

the view from halfway up the hill

the view 02

the view 03

the Columbia River and the sunset from the top

The following night we ate fairly late but decided it was too pretty a night not to go on our walk. And Will was able to get some nice shots despite the lack of light from the sliver of a moon.

the view 08the lights from halfway up at night 

the view 06the view 07the view 09the view 10the moon from the top of the hill (Will was finally able to find a setting on the camera to capture the colors of the sky)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Water Tower Walk

For the second evening in a row the 5 of us, well actually 6 because we took the dog, have gone for a walk after supper to the top of our hill behind the house.

Today Will brought the camera to take some pictures of the view from the top. They were so pretty, I had to share them!

walk view 01 walk view 02 I really like this one!

walk view 03

walk view 05

While we were up at the top, Zack and Andy suggested we walk up to the water tower. None of the rest of us had ever been up there, so we did it. It was kind of pretty and it’s always fun to explore new places! Thanks guys! Great idea!

walk view 04

Friday, September 3, 2010

Good Neighbor and The Bins

This month we were all able to get together for Sister Day. Well, here and there.

After arriving in town, I met Theresa at her place and got to see her three stellar vintage sewing projects: two dresses and a bathrobe made out of a chenille bedspread from our last trip to The Bins. (I wish I had pics…) I especially loved that she kept the fringe from the bedspread on the bottom of the robe!

Before heading to the park for picnic lunch with the Amys and the kids, we drove over to Good Neighbor, the Russian market. It was like going to a foreign country…  None of the signs were in English, very few labels were in English, no one seemed to be speaking English. It was difficult to discover the prices of items since we had no idea what anything on the nice pricing sign said. But a few things were in a language I knew (namely English) and some things were obvious (such as butter, fresh produce, bakery items…). I also noticed that it seemed like a good portion of the store seemed to consist of sweets like candies, cookies, pastries.

Thankfully there was also a very nice woman shopping who spoke English with a very thick accent. She was so enthusiastic about recommending items or commenting on how fresh their produce was or about how the sausages were made right there in Portland! It was fun to see how proud she was of the local Russian community! And she had every right to be! Everyone was so friendly and patient and helpful. The woman behind the counter gave us samples of the sausage (I’m sure the nice lady shopper told her to) and they sliced our sausage just the way we wanted it.

I wish I had been more daring, but I played it a bit safe for the first time. I would tell you what I bought, but some of the things don’t have characters that I can type and some of them I simply have no idea what they are. But I did buy a lovely loaf of braided sweet bread, some fabulous beef sausage and a bunch of cookie sort of things… Oh, and Kvass. That’s a fermented beverage made from bread. I think???

the bins 01the bins 04the bins 02some things I just bought because I liked the package LOL

After having lunch at the park, Theresa and I ran to Bob’s Red Mill before meeting Amy Lynn at the Bins. I have to say, they were pretty crowded. I am intrigued by the fact that so many people want to rummage through Goodwill rejects…

This time I had way more restraint and came home with $15 worth of stuff that I have actually been looking for and/or needed. Ok, I did buy a few things that I just liked…

the bins 17 the bins 05 the bins 06 the bins 07 these last two pictures are just things I liked or needed for a craft ideathe bins 08

these are my new chicken chic boots, that way I can look all cute and stylish when tromping around in the muck this winter :o)

 the bins 09 the bins 10 the bins 11

Theresa said I had to get this to go with my bowling stuff from the Terry Taylor sale (too bad my name’s not Norm) LOL

 the bins 12 the bins 13 the bins 14 the bins 15 the bins 16The best part about this trip to the Bins was that ALL the clothes I found FIT! This is truly amazing because I’m not even willing to hold them up to see if they’d be close to fitting before I get them home and washed. But they fit… And not just “it’s good enough”, they fit perfectly! Hooray!

We had to go and share our finds with Amy and then she invited Theresa and I to stay for supper so I wouldn’t have to drive home in rush hour traffic. And as a bonus, we also got to go with her to Super JoAnns to pick out fabric for Maggie’s school fundraiser projects! Fun!!! (Don’t worry, I only came home with a 1/2 yard) :o)