Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hiking Coldwater Lake

Yesterday we did a bit of hiking around the Coldwater Lake area at Mt. St. Helen’s. As we got closer to the mountain, the temperature began to drop…

mt st helens hike 01

It’s not very clear, but it says 45!

Thankfully, the boys were prepared for just about everything! In fact, it was almost disappointing that we didn’t get lost… ;o)

The first trail we hit was the Hummocks Trail. This 2.4 mile loop wandered through the hummocks at the base of the mountain that were formed during the 1980 eruption. It wandered past some ponds and just above the river.

mt st helens hike 19

Hitting the trail… with our jackets

mt st helens hike 05

Riley is playing King of the Mountain!

mt st helens hike 37mt st helens hike 41

The view from Riley’s mountain

mt st helens hike 34

We even saw a few critters on the trail…

mt st helens hike 06

a duck…

mt st helens hike 12

& a cute little frog

mt st helens hike 20

it didn’t take long to lose the jackets…

mt st helens hike 51

We made it!!!

After lunch at Coldwater Lake, we decided to try to find the logging equipment destroyed by the eruption on South Coldwater trail… after all, how hard could it be???

mt st helens hike 52

the boys had trouble following the rules from the start… ;o)

mt st helens hike 50

mt st helens hike 39

the road we drove in on

mt st helens hike 49

the hummocks we hiked through earlier

mt st helens hike 21

the mountain

mt st helens hike 29

the lake we ate lunch at

mt st helens hike 17

the clouds (which were now at the same level we were)

mt st helens hike 35

mt st helens hike 47

looking WAY down at the lake

It wasn’t so much that it was so far as it was that it was that we just seemed to be climbing higher and higher and higher… We climbed 1300 feet in 2 miles!!!

mt st helens hike 42

You don’t realize how big Coldwater is until you are so far above it!

And just when we thought we couldn’t go any farther, Andy called from further up the trail to say that we had finally made it…

mt st helens hike 11

mt st helens hike 25

mt st helens hike 02

mt st helens hike 14

mt st helens hike 04

The poor old thing didn’t fare well in the blast! On the other hand… it fared pretty well through the blast. I was kind of disappointed that more people didn’t know about it. Andy pointed out that it was a good thing more people didn’t know about it… As you can see, no one has really disturbed it. Best part: NO graffiti!

Here are some great close-ups that Will took:

mt st helens hike 09mt st helens hike 13mt st helens hike 22mt st helens hike 24mt st helens hike 26mt st helens hike 27mt st helens hike 28mt st helens hike 32mt st helens hike 33mt st helens hike 36mt st helens hike 43mt st helens hike 48

The hike down was much easier!

mt st helens hike 30

an old water truck

mt st helens hike 31

mt st helens hike 07

thank heaven that Riley and Zack were able to hold that log up so we could pass under… LOL

Thanks Megan and Riley for a very fun day! We can’t wait to go back and take Chris!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Terry Taylor Treasures

This year Theresa joined us again for our trip to the Terry Taylor garage sale. As always there were tons of garage sales and people everywhere!

Terry Taylor 02

If only I put my hair in curlers

Terry Taylor 03

Very cute bread wrapper!

Terry Taylor 04

It’s a kabob maker

Terry Taylor 05

Terry Taylor 06

Terry Taylor 07

This 1947 Nash was a gorgeous car!

Terry Taylor 15

I just had to bring home this fish tray!

Terry Taylor 17

I also got a new egg cup!

Terry Taylor 21

A great deal on trims!

Terry Taylor 24

Terry Taylor 25

Terry Taylor 26

Terry Taylor 27

I love these vintage can labels! They are so pretty!

As a bonus, this year’s sale included an estate sale of an elderly couple who collected owls and had lots of fun old stuff!

Terry Taylor 08

What a sweet little couple!

Terry Taylor 14


Terry Taylor 16

A Belgian toiletries kit

Terry Taylor 18

This print needs a frame

Terry Taylor 19

Terry Taylor 20

Circa 1953

Terry Taylor 23

I’ve been looking for a set of these for forever!

Terry Taylor 22

It needs a few alterations but I can’t wait to wear it this winter!

I picked up some great treasures at the sale but some of the best things were part of the house!

Terry Taylor 10

I want lights like this in our hallway!

Terry Taylor 13

This Formica is terrific!

Terry Taylor 12

Terry Taylor 11

This pink dishwasher is incredible! I especially love the round rack on top!

Terry Taylor 09

But this little beauty was my absolute favorite thing of all! I really gotta get me one of these! It’s got everything you could ever need!

I am already looking forward to next year’s Terry Taylor!