Thursday, April 17, 2008

How To Build A Soddy

We have made it to the homestead in my Westward Expansion class and to celebrate I built us a sod house. While it may not be as well made as a pioneer home, it probably tastes a whole lot yummier! I was thinking this would also be a great cake to celebrate Laura Ingalls Wilder's birthday on February 7th.
Here's how you do it...

Step 1: bake one or two pans of brownies

Step 2: cut the brownies into "bricks"

Step 3: lay your foundation and stick them to your cookie sheet with a thin layer of chocolate frosting. Don't forget to leave a space for your door. Otherwise how will you get in?

Step 4: spread a layer of frosting on top of your foundation and build up your walls until they reach the desired height. Don't forget the frosting between each layer to help them stick and don't make them too tall or your walls will fall in on you while you sleep.

Step 5: now you will need to construct a roof from lightweight cardboard cut to the size of your soddy. A cereal or Noodle-Roni box works nicely.

Step 6: now cover the roof with a piece of foil (you don't know where your Noodle Roni has been)

Step 7: cover the entire roof with a thin layer of the chocolate frosting and then place carefully on top of your walls. It is very important to put the frosting on the roof before you put it on the house.

Step 8: every soddy has a grassy roof, after all it was made of grass. (that's why Laura's cow stepped through the roof) So mix up a bit of coconut and green food coloring in a bowl for your grass. Sprinkle the grass on the roof and around the sides of your soddy for a nice golf course quality lawn.

Now your soddy is complete! Cut it up and enjoy and be very grateful that you don't have to live in one!


CJOLSON said...

mmmm...yummy!! That's how you build a house!

Kari Joy, RN said...

I'm really impressed by this! Looks yummy!