Thursday, January 26, 2017

Gone With The Wind

In our search for "all things Atlanta", lunch at The Varsity seemed like a must.

The world's largest drive-in opened in 1928 and now can handle 600 cars and seat 800 inside, which is good because on Georgia Tech home game days they have 30,000 visitors! 

Apparently they are pretty busy even on a normal day...

Two miles of hot dogs, a ton of onions, 2500 pounds of potatoes, 5000 fried pies and 300 gallons of chili are made from scratch daily.

Our Atlanta History Center admission also included the Margaret Mitchell House and since we'd paid for it, we went...

This is where she lived in the 1920s while writing Gone With the Wind. She affectionately called their little apartment "the Dump." 

I didn't think it was a dump, It was adorable!

The book was published in 1936, she won the Pulitzer Prize in 1937 and it was made into an Academy Award winning movie in 1939.

the caption reads that more people came out to cheer Clark Gable than fought in the Battle of Atlanta

Margaret Mitchell said that she was shocked when she learned that the South had lost the Civil War. When she heard people talk of it growing up, she always assumed they had won. 

I liked the building next door that I took a picture of it, too...

Then it was a rush to the airport and our flight home...

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