Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Hidden Valley

Hiking makes one hungry. Hungry for meat. Thankfully there was Joe's BBQ in Gilbert. The meat and sauces were amazing!

Our next stop of the day was the Mormon Trail to Hidden Valley on South Mountain.

As soon as we started it was pretty obvious that they used the word "trail" loosely...

It was really more like a giant pile of rocks with a sort of strip of clearing to follow that wasn't always there to follow...

It was also quite steep!

When we got to the top, we explored Hidden Valley.

At first, the trail was pretty easy to see...

Then it, once again, sort of disappeared into the rocks...

Then it was just rocks all the way to Fat Man Pass...

After that, it should have been easy.  But it wasn't.

the woodpecker should have told us we were on the wrong trail

It was at this point that we started to come up on lots of mountain bikers. It was also at this point that we realized we weren't heading back down the Mormon Trail. Thankfully, we backtracked to the start of the Hidden Valley trail and made our way down the mountain. Unfortunately, this little adventure took a bit longer than we had anticipated and we missed having dinner with out gracious hosts. :( 

The sun was going down and we met tons of people heading up the mountain to watch the sunset. It was tempting to stay but we were pretty exhausted.

The view made us realize how very much in the middle of the city we really were.

A homemade dinner and a comfy bed were just what we needed. 

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