Sunday, August 13, 2017

China: Day Seven- Breakfast, Battleship & BBQ

When you show up for breakfast and no one else is there, you begin to wonder if you're too early. When you wait for 20 minutes and no one shows up, you begin to wonder if you missed it. 

Eventually, Sue and I were joined by the others. Apparently breakfast started at 8am but no one told us. This was a little bit problematic as our class started at 8:30. But we made it work. 

On the way down the hill, this gentleman and his horses were right outside the restaurant to pick up his groceries. 

Thankfully we weren't that far behind some of our students...

In the morning, we played Battleship (which they enjoyed) and shared about our communities. Jessica and Duhei made us a map of JinYang, which the Yi call Golden Sun, so we could see where things were. We also learned that there are villages in the hills above the hotel that are an hour's walk away. There are also monkeys living in the hills...

On the way home from lunch, Wade stopped at this vendor and bought Sue and I Yi mouth harps. Unfortunately we didn't get to see how they worked. They are very proud of their Yi culture.

Sue and Wade

As usual there was tons of good food at lunch. 

Jack, Wade, me, Emily & Mary

After lunch, Juicy bought both Sue and I Yi headscarves. They are made of wool and woven by Yi women. The women do all of the weaving, sewing and embroidery while the men do all of the felting. 

We even attract a crowd to watch us shop :) 

Despite the heat, they wear these every day. They say they will protect our heads from the sun, keep us warm and healthy. We just couldn't bring ourselves to wear them... Whew!

During the afternoon discussion groups, we got to hear more about where they live and see some pictures on their phones. We also did some map activities to practice giving directions in English.

People dry beans, chilis and blocks of brown sugar in bundles just right on the street or in the schoolyard...

these girls were watching over their mother's beans at the top of the school steps on the way to dinner

it's a long walk up that seems even longer when the day is over

Dinner that night included a whole lot of new things: duck head, tripe (cow stomach lining) and ???

I wish I could remember what weird thing was in this soup. I think it was some pig part...

All of the volunteers were invited to a BBQ at 8:30 by the education officials. The market place near the school is transformed into a BBQ "restaurant" at night. Pop-up canopies are set up with camping lanterns hanging from the tops for light.

You can also buy kebabs of various items and have them cooked for you...

The BBQ is a popular social late-night gathering. A charcoal grill is in the middle of the table and the guests and/or host cooks various meats and vegetables on the grill. This takes a while and gives people time to talk, drink and play games while they wait for their food to cook. 

While we waited for our cart full of scads of raw meats and vegetables to be cooked by our "minder" we played a couple of "drinking" games: Threes and Slap-Clap-Snap. But we played with our bottles of tasty mystery juice instead of beer. :) 

It is fun social gathering and eating experience.

After the foods are done grilling, they are dipped in a spicy mixture of chili, peanut and bean powders. 

Sue and I were too tired and too stuffed to enjoy any more. Brittany and our ever-vigilant "minder" walked us back to the hotel at 10:15. We've been told that BBQs can go until 2am just playing games, grilling, eating and talking about life and dreams and plans...  I can see why they are popular. 

the front gate to our hotel courtyard 

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