Thursday, February 14, 2013

Family Flashback – Valentine’s 2002

Thinking back at Valentine’s Days past, this one tops the list. In fact, I’m not sure we can top it EVER! Spending Valentine’s Day in Disneyland was the BEST!!!

It was the boys’ very first time to the Happiest Place on Earth. We arrived late on the 13th and immediately went to Downtown Disney…

FFDL12  02.13.02 - Family by California Park 02.13.02 - Family by California Park 2 02.14.02 - Andy in A at DL  02.14.02 - Family on L at DL 

Andy and the Leingangs on their respective letters

We spent the entire day in Disneyland… perfect weather, no lines. Apparently no one wants to spend Valentine’s at Disneyland??? Crazy!!!

FFDL11 FFDL10Grandma got a scooter… it’s even better than a stroller for hauling stuff!


Being at Disneyland is a bit overwhelming when you’re only 5.


But getting to drive makes up for it…


So does the Dumbo ride!

02.14.02 - ZAW on Rope Bridge at DL, up close 02.14.02 - Andy About to be Eaten at DL 02.14.02 - Caged for Circus Train Ride  02.14.02 - Grandpa Frank and Theresa in Car

FFDL05  Hanging out in Toon Town…02.14.02 - Grandpa Frank and Will We even got to have our picture taken with Mickey! William was NOT happy about it!

02.14.02 - Family with Mickey Mouse

FFDL08I think we’ll have to spend Valentine’s there again someday…

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