Saturday, February 2, 2013

Will Turns 16!

I can’t believe our baby turned 16 on Thursday! Now is when time starts to go even faster!

Thursday, although his birthday, was just another day. The celebration was on Friday. But we did have a few fun things on his actual day!

First off… gifts!

Will bday 01 Which one first???

Will bday 02

What is it???

Will bday 03

Lego school supplies make you the coolest guy in school!

Will bday 04

Now you will be a Master Photographer!

Will bday 05

So excited about a cord! Just wait until he sees the real gift…

Will bday 06

Now you can post pics on Instagram! ;o)

After the chicken & waffle dinner, we watched “Inception” on the new TV. But we got so into the movie and posting these pics that we totally forgot about dessert!!! AHHHHHH!!!!

FF Wills 3 01 We laughed so hard at this one that our stomachs hurt! LOL

Everyone but Will was just too tired to have dessert. But I just couldn’t let his birthday pass and not take a picture of birthday cake and candles…

Unfortunately, we were still so giggly from the flashback pictures that we couldn’t fake the moment without laughing!

Will bday 07Will bday 08Will bday 09Will bday 10    “What??? I couldn’t do it!”

On Friday, we drove down to Washington Square for dinner at Red Robin and a trip to the Lego Store.

William was so excited about his new set that he stayed up until 2:40am putting it together!

Will bday 12 He was also so excited about the pictures he’s going to take with it that I wasn’t able to get a picture of it completed before he set it all up for the shot! But it is amazing set!

Pictures coming soon…

So proud of the young man that God has made him to be and anxious to see what He has for his future!!!

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